The Mystery of Vincent Van Gogh’s Death

The Mystery of Vincent Van Gogh’s Death

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37 Responses

  1. Wendigoon says:

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  2. One Topic At A Time says:

    such a unique part of history that we’re not taught in schools but would have made my top art history tier list

  3. Kathryn Neves says:

    I enjoy your content a lot! Quick correction though: Vincent Van Gogh was the oldest of six siblings. Theo was his younger brother, which added to his depression and shame; he felt that, as the oldest sibling, he shouldn’t be relying on his younger brother.

  4. Connor Ellis says:

    i heard about the theory of van gogh’s death on unsolved and immediately agreed with it. as someone with severe depression/other mental illnesses, i can absolutely see why he would prefer to lie to save those boys skins, especially if he knew he was going to die anyway because there wasnt much access to medical care out there, and even more so if it was an accident

    • Hm says:

      @SoupinSpace I mean.. someone can be rich and still be a full blown thief lol (tho I’d like to think he wasn’t robbed? but eh)

    • SoupinSpace says:

      @checkurs :] But they’re rich and he’s just some bum down in a hotel.

    • MaddShork says:

      Hell yeah G.
      Crazy how the mind works. Pushing through certain things are mental. Some people can think outside their own box, and some can’t. To each their own.
      But I definitely can see and possibly relate his lifestyle. Maybe constantly trying not to seem like a burden or nuisance to anyone and maybe just trying to spread some of “your own” positivity in whatever way you can. It’s poetic to say the least. I’ve never known about all of this so it’s pretty dope to get the info especially from a chill YouTuber.

  5. arnold says:

    I live in Alaska and there was this “Beyond Van Gogh” event, where you could learn his entire life story and then you get to see a super cool massive projected video where it looks like you were literally walking around in his paintings. This video is awesome and just adds to his already amazing life story.

  6. Gexx Waxcap says:

    This just makes the episode of Dr. Who where they bring him to see his paintings in museums and see how much he’s adored so much more bittersweet

    • Castor Bone says:

      This episode was so sad. Really just paints the picture that even if you have moments of joy, depression can still hit hard.

    • Sunbleached Angel says:

      The only piece of media in a long to to make me cry so hard

    • Eloise Olivia says:

      that’s always been my favourite episode, makes me cry every time. vincent’s story is always so heartbreaking, i teared up at the end of this video!!

    • Angry Violent Witch Queen says:

      although if anything the dr who episode only solidifies the fact that the boys killed him bc maybe that did give him the push to go on but his fate was already determined by a little boy with a revolver.

  7. Blowfly Girl says:

    Love how varied your content topic is. ranging from art history, biblical works, government conspiracies, etc. The only link between topics is the macabre and the mysterious

  8. Yuyuko Sheeta says:

    Recently went to an exhibit of his. His paintings particularly inspired my sister. What a tragically beautiful thing he did in his final hours. I wouldn’t expect anything less of Van Gogh :'(

  9. Bread says:

    I think him covering for children who may have accidentally shot him is a more realistic version, and very touching and true to his character. It’s seriously sad that he never saw his art prosper the way it has now in his lifetime.

  10. Scoot and Snap says:

    A gentle soul, even in his death. Makes you wonder what those kids ended up like, having to bear the burden of killing a man who wouldn’t give them up when he had every reason to.

    Great video, as always!

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