Food Theory: Is Expensive Water Actually WORTH It? (Taste Test)

Food Theory: Is Expensive Water Actually WORTH It? (Taste Test)

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Does expensive water REALLY taste better, Loyal Theorist? Water is just water after all. Yet somehow Fuji, Voss, Evian, and others have convinced us that their water is superior to those such as Deer Park, Dasani, and store brand water. Is it the natural spring or electrolytes that are supposed to give it a more distinct taste? Or is this all just a bunch of BUNK? Today, we expose the truth with this blind water taste test.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Santi Massa, and Mike Keenan (The Pokémon Biologist)
Editors: Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick, Pedro Freitas, Dom Sealion, and Danial “BanditRants” Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Designer: Yosi Berman
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31 Responses

  1. Kayliegh's Korner says:

    Only Matpat could get me to watch a 22 minute long video about water, and have me excited about it.

  2. Boom Knight says:

    The 2nd test was a stupidly good control test to make sure you’re not just wine tasters.

    • Bill Kong says:

      You know wine tasters can actually taste differences in wine right? It’s not like wine is secretly all the same.

    • Salsa sauce says:

      ​@Bill Kongyeah but wine taster almost never past a test distinguish between different kinds of wine 😂

    • Hasatanel Belial says:

      @Salsa sauce
      Which makes them being able to tell WATER all the more… odd?

    • Unnecessary_Potato says:

      ​​@Salsa sauce’m not a wine taster but you could give me two identical reds of different prices and i could tell you what the cheaper one is 🤷

  3. Ultra fighter Z says:

    I am so impressed that Matt managed to turn just drinking different types of water into a 22 minute educational and engaging video that has kept me entertained

  4. Rynne says:

    I’d love to see a theory on whether mineral waters are actually worth it (similar to the sports drinks video). Do they have actual health benefits? Which are the best and worst?

    • Runed0S says:

      It’s all about the same. Tap water is actually better than mineral water in terms of minerals, since they treat the water to remove impurities, pathogens , and heavy metals in it and then they add calcium and fluoride, among other ingredients that malnourished people would benefit from.

    • Osayawe Agbontaen says:

      FYI Gerolsteiner sparkling mineral water is the best and is actually worth it because it has the most minerals out of all the brands on the market. Germany just does mineral water the best. All the German mineral water brands are amazing. They taste even better in glass bottles. Nothing else compares. Also they don’t have natural flavors in it like the brand Topo Chico Sparkling Mineral Water. it is just quality water with really strong carbonation, and a plethora of minerals put together in a scientific way that is just satisfying. At first you will think the minerals are just too much, but then you will get addicted to it. It reduces food cravings, and gets minerals in your body that you are probably not getting enough in your diet like magnesium.

    • catlover991188 Mswolfy81 says:

      Oh I actually commented a similar idea lol

      Cuz like, what’s the most beneficial to hydrate from?? Dasani is famously hated cuz it can dehydrate you after a certain point cuz they add small amounts of salt to their water, so I was disappointed he didn’t touch on that in this video

    • catlover991188 Mswolfy81 says:

      @Osayawe Agbontaen “Most minerals” doesn’t always mean best though. Like the sports drink video they did, it’s the balance of minerals that matters, proportions, not just how much you can shove in one bottle

    • catlover991188 Mswolfy81 says:

      @Runed0S Tap water is already treated with chlorine and there are some cities that still have occasional issues with lead or other poisonings from the pipes, and of course the ph of the water matters a lot to the taste (which I say cuz too high of a ph water and I can’t drink more than half a sip without nearly throwing up and have to let it age, so ph can still be important even if it won’t effect more than taste and maybe a couple extra burps)

  5. WhisperingWooper says:

    As someone who only drinks water I already knew there is a difference between brands. Fiji water always has a soft taste to me although I feel like over the years it hasn’t gotten as soft but it’s still my favorite but I want to try the other ones.

  6. Mariah Fetch says:

    I went to Big Bear, CA and notice the tap water was AMAZING. Turns out it’s the same source as Aquafina. So turns out Aquafina tastes much better without adulteration

  7. Alexandru Ene says:

    It’s actually insane that there are places where you can just drink water without ever having to worry about it being contaminated with problematic bacteria. Like that’s actually quite cool.

    • Gabriel Kawa says:


    • Simonsussy says:

      I live in the alps and i gotta say, the water 2km away from where i live tastes drastically different than the one at home

    • Jonathan Dressler says:

      It’s really not. Spring water still needs to be decontaminated.

    • Ching Vang says:

      Native Anericans used to be able to drink out of the streams and rivers, not anymore pollution

    • Petter Christensen says:

      Any water that will be transported in pipes has to be cleaned. However, where I’m from (Northern Norway) you can drink most of the water running down mountains without even thinking about it.
      Generally, the water is naturally purified as it’s running down the mountain, and the sources are too high for animals to contaminate – kinda cool! We re-stock on water from small streams whenever we go hiking!

  8. elenwe4 says:

    In France one of the most popular water is volvic which, like Fiji, is filtered by a volcano. However it’s inexpensive and have a somewhat metallic taste to me. It would be interesting to compare the two.

  9. the_chaos says:

    I really like when Stephanie taste tests with Matt. Their comedy plays off of each other.

  10. Saphire 1s A baby says:

    Honestly though, the price is mostly about the material of the bottle and how hard it is to get the water. I believe there’s definitely taste and texture differences

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