0031 – I paid $60 for this lock #lockpicking #military #security #survival

0031 – I paid $60 for this lock #lockpicking #military #security #survival

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36 Responses

  1. GREY DEATH says:

    I love how smoothly you transition into the “of disappointment” every time, champ 💪🏽

  2. Jorge Salas says:

    You got the audience, and enough mocking material to make killer ads for your own product. Now it’s the time to design, patent and distribute a truly anti-pick lock

    • y a h y a says:

      If it was this easy most companies would have done it already

    • NOVA 229 says:

      Until the lock picking lawyer arises from his slumber to pick it

      As mcnally lays on the floor of his safe room trembling, he can barely make out the lockpicking lawyer from the other side of the door saying, “ok, click on three, nothing on four, let’s move on, some play on five.”

    • Xemplifi says:

      @Beef Cake Learn how to get to this level first and do it yourself. Don’t fumble the bag bro

    • Cardboard says:

      @A cat on his hind legs. its not hard to design a key that cant break…atleast with human force and when you seriously think, that the possibilty of loseing ur key is a good reason to make locks less secure then sorry, but dont lose ur key. There are enough ways to make it less likely to lose a key by simply keep 1 togheter with ur car/house key and 1 safe at home for example. Whats next? Make vaults less secure, bc you could fall into coma and forget the pin?… guess what, you would be screwed.

    • I eat Cereal with Water and I pour the Water first says:

      @Rinehart Hedrick thing is, its far more uncommon for thieves to use the LOUD ASS FUCKING approach when stealing bikes. i’d much rather my thieves weren’t able to just nonchalantly walk away with my bike with no issue whatsoever…

  3. Julius Ceazar Pamittan the 2nd says:

    At this point I’m sure this guy can just lockpick a vault door open.

  4. McNallyOfficial says:

    Sesamee originally patented this four wheel design in 1926. Can you guess who replicated this “high security” lock?

  5. Saileswaran Vickneswaran says:

    I love the evil version of the Lock Pickling Lawyer

    • Ohboy says:

      @Mr. Calcium Skeleton the lock picking vigilante

    • rice krispy says:

      Lock picking public defender

    • FTF - FussTheFrog says:

      @ChickenYale he is literally adding his own ways of doing it, his tone the way he makes sentences and the little “war” between that company and him are different.

    • I Gusti Bagus Ananda says:

      @McNallyOfficial That’s a good mindset. A lot of people these days pay 100k for college while ends up in very low income job when they graduate because they are not increasing their skills at all while they are there. College is like a rite of passage for them, not a place to learn.

    • joseluis chavez says:

      @ChickenYale you’ve commented the same shit on multiple videos of his saying the same thing and your talking about people not being original 🤨

  6. TheLegitCommenter says:

    I was wondering if he would ever make a video cracking a combination lock because I always thought they were unbreakable and here he is absolutely DESTROYING a combination lock with a regular lock pick like it’s nothing

  7. X-man says:

    This guy should go to Vegas and be the master lock magician unlocking all locks that anyone brings to him 🔒🔐🔓🔑

  8. Wolvy says:

    The lock companies silenced his dad, he trained himself so he could one day screw them all up. 😂😂

  9. Silent Wraith says:

    Funny thing is. This man has my pride honestly because he gives me hope for humanity. Being able to bypass these things.
    The real disappointment is that some people that are called smart are still often trying to pull open door that says ‘Push’ all over it

  10. Cardboard Box says:

    Imagine the feeling of disappointment of being a thief and you’re expecting to be picking this lock that might take you hours until you break in but only to find out that it took you about 3 seconds to instantly open it

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