Fortnite But Every Elim = BETTER Keyboard

Fortnite But Every Elim = BETTER Keyboard

Use Code Lachy
50 PWR mousepads

check out my duo @looter
Shoutout to @mau69 for the Inspiration!

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18 Responses

  1. More Lachlan says:

    If you guys want MORE content, check out More Lachlan!

  2. Kathleen says:

    What a unique idea and loved the execution. Everything, for the most part, went well. Lachy got lucky

  3. KhanFTBL says:

    I am loving the frequent videos. Rlly appreciate the effort u put in lachy😊

  4. Eggzisstenshull Dredd says:

    I never knew i needed more Lachy and Looter in my life, such great chemistry.

  5. Addison Nash says:

    I love hearing Looter’s fun personality. Only ever seen him in PWR videos

  6. Fanninjawesome says:

    Let’s see how good this video is I bet it’s gonna be a banger

  7. Bardia Yeganeh says:

    Can we appreciate how good quality hia videos are.

  8. Mitchell Leung says:

    looter and lachy are such a chaotic duo it was so fun to watch them play! also, looter’s mic quality is more iconic than ronaldo’s

  9. Tuff Luck says:

    I didn’t think it was possible for looter to scream lachy that high but he just kept on getting higher each time😭

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