Frances Tiafoe vs. Rafael Nadal Highlights | 2022 US Open Round 4

Frances Tiafoe vs. Rafael Nadal Highlights | 2022 US Open Round 4

Watch the highlights between Frances Tiafoe and Rafael Nadal in Round 4 of the 2022 US Open.

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The 2022 US Open runs from August 23 – September 11 in New York City at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. The tournament takes place for the 142nd time and is the fourth and final Grand Slam of the year. Daniil Medvedev is the men’s singles reigning champion and Emma Raducanu is the women’s singles reigning champion. Last year, both players claimed their first Grand Slam title, with 18-year-old Raducanu becoming the first-ever qualifier to achieve the feat. This year’s tournament is set to feature a range of greats and future stars looking to add to their records and cement their place in tennis history. Look out for highlights, extended highlights, full matches, press conferences, on-court interviews, hot shots, compilations and more!


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44 Responses

  1. gil MOR says:

    Tiafoe has always played a lot, but in tennis, as in any sport, what rules in decisive moments is the head. And today he was 100% focused. Congratulations!

    • Zoran D. says:

      @Jon Freeman last time claydal took a set from djokovic on HC? When?

    • Zoran D. says:

      @kika A and pederer was beating who? Weak era champ. When djokovic came on tour he was whiping floor with fedal.

    • Jon Freeman says:

      @kika A Nadal played well but he’s coming back from injury plus he’s no spring chicken anymore so can’t push his body too hard or risk more injury. All his peers have retired by now. Federer is pretty much done so it’s just him and Joker the two oldest players still wanting more Grand Slams for history. But tennis is a very physical sport and your body can’t keep going. Give credit to Tiafoe as he really played well and definitely outta his skin because he never showed this kinda form before. Rooting him to go all the way to win a Grand Slam.

    • Chuck Friebe says:

      @Zoran D. 😂😂😂

    • kika A says:

      Guys Djokovic is not goat actually as he waited Federer to turn 30 so that he can take his place and ruled grass courts and hard courts.

  2. Fortress Fortresson says:

    You have to play aggressive against Rafa. He isn’t as crazy fast as he was years ago but his shots are dangerous as ever. And that’s exactly what Frances did. Anyone who beats Rafa deserves a ton of respect. Well played.

    • Aachoo Crony says:

      @Kakashi Hatake I’ve watched a lot of tennis. I haven’t watched it for a while but I can easily say he is not top 5 in speed or anywhere near his peak speed which has gradually deteriorated since around the age of 26. Also his stamina has gown down a notch more recently.
      The physical conditioning of Djokovic is still 2nd to none at his age which is incredible. Now I’m a Nadal fan and for me he is the greateat player but I must give credit where its due.

    • Isidro Arias says:

      One that’s not his court really , second he’s getting older now , so calm down

    • Plane Stuff says:

      @swordfish True,he hasn’t looked himself,got worse as the rounds progressed

    • Plane Stuff says:

      @The 1 RAFA’S serving was disgusting and deserved to lose,no rhythm whatsoever, bizarre tennis!

  3. Arun Raju says:

    Tiafoe’s aces, winners, volleys, everything fired today.

  4. Bille says:

    What a solid win by Tiafoe. He had chances to choke, but he wasn’t having any of that now. He needed to play smart and risky Tennis. He went beyond that.

  5. Joseph Manno says:

    I would never have thought he could win against Rafa in a truly consequential match. Well done, Frances.

  6. Ngoko Tbl says:

    Let’s go Tiafoe !!!

  7. MrChillywilly7 says:

    Fun fact.. the second American too beat Nadal at the US Open, James Blake who did his interview was the last one too do it in 05.. congrats Francis! 👏

    • Rodrigo Odon Salcedo Cisneros says:

      @M So what? American football and basketball trump soccer in income terms, but nobody is holding that up against soccer (association football).

    • Rodrigo Odon Salcedo Cisneros says:

      Yes, that was crazy. I knew Tiafoe was hella talented, but after his tight match against Schwartzman I was doubting he would have the mental fortitude to keep up with Rafa. Glad I was wrong!

    • Pongsathorn Piriyasathit says:

      Ah, James Blake. It’s been a long time without hearing that name though

    • Rickard Sim says:


    • Sebastian Hölterhoff says:

      @23 Productions Exactly. Roddick won against Rafa in 2004 in straight sets and even hit Rafa in the face with one of his serves.

  8. Invision Hope Healthy Living says:

    Just unbelievable! So deserving after years of hard work. I remember following Tiafo’s journey after a story about how he came to play tennis at the tennis club where his father worked doing maintenance. Watching your parents in your team’s box living this moment is incredible. You are an inspiration to many that hard work pays off. Hats off to Nadal, who graciously acknowledged what this moment means for Tiafo with that embrace at the end. While it is sad to see Nadal losing when he was the favorite by many, he has given the tennis world his fantastic career, and hopefully, he can win another slam. As for the match, Tiafo’s serve and variety of shots broke Nadal’s rhythm. Watching that match, one could say Tiafo also took one or two tips from Dustin Brown playing at Wimbledon against Nadal in 2015.

    • Rodrigo Odon Salcedo Cisneros says:

      @Macht Nichts Sei Mann It’s true, but like Calvin Collidge said:

      “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent”.

      Hard work does pay off more often than not: Wawrinka and Cilic are testament to that. On the other hand, guys with tons of talent like Kyrgios, Fognini, Monfils, Nishikori, Dimitrov have been underachieving for years now due to lack of persistence. The reason hard work seems to “not pay off” in tennis right now is that you have the brilliance of tennis savants like the B3 MIXED with hard work.

      Hard work beats talent alone, but it won’t beat TALENT + HARD WORK.

    • Rodrigo Odon Salcedo Cisneros says:

      @Andy Gołębiowski Yep, Tiafoe was annoyed by Rafa’s antics, but he will never forget one of his idols nonetheless.

    • Macht Nichts Sei Mann says:

      Hard work can pay off, but not for everyone. We shouldn’t tell the younger generations that there are guarantees if…”working hard” and “pursuing dreams”. Yes, work hard, pursue a dream, and have back-up plans in case the previous (2) directives don’t actually work out. Which might actually be true for the vast majority of the world. Not all have the physical blessings and luck and genetics to last long in sports or other high-stress body-oriented jobs, though they would love to be a part of it on a professional-making-a-living level.

      Rafa could have been more sportsmanlike in defeat, although he wasn’t un-sportsmanlike. Gracious losers are beautiful examples of Sport. Zhang was such an example with Gauff.

    • Andy Gołębiowski says:

      There’s no way you can avoid an embrace by Tiafoe 🙂 He came across the net to hug Rafa. If you look closely, Rafa couldn’t wait to get out of there.

  9. R C says:

    Love Tiafoe. Always has a smile and a great personality whenever he’s playing.

    Tbh didn’t expect this result but glad he’s through. Gotta be one of the biggest upsets in US Open history

    • Peter A says:

      @M what about Hellas odds winning Euro 2004? The odds they said were the same as aliens coming to earth..
      Now i seem every day in the streets.

    • Darryl Gossett says:

      I’m Chaucer’s day, a gap toothed smile was a sign of lustiness.

      Lauren Hutton based her modeling career on it.

    • NotSoHandyTim says:

      @M: Well, hate to admit it but you are partially correct. In the US most of the tennis courts are neglected or replaced in favor of other sports.

    • RTB says:

      @Trevor Regay Nadal is a grass court player????? That’s literally his weakest surface

    • Trevor Regay says:

      Biggest upsets???? I mean, he is ranked #22….and Rafa is more a clay and grass court player….and well, Rafa is getting OLD…, biggest upset??? LOL!….I would say its an upset, but not ONE of the biggest upsets…..if Tiafoe beats someone for the Championship, then you might start getting into that neighborhood……of biggest upsets ever…

  10. Jerry aab says:

    Petition for extended highlights for this Tiafoe masterpiece:

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