French Open: doubles pair disqualified after stray shot leaves ball girl in tears

French Open: doubles pair disqualified after stray shot leaves ball girl in tears

Aldila Sutjiadi and Miyu Kato were disqualified from their doubles match at Roland-Garros after the latter struck a ball to the opposite end of the court between points and accidentally hit a ball girl, leaving her in tears. The initial call from the chair was a warning before Marie Bouzkova and Sara Sorribes Tormo, Sutjiadi and Kato’s opponent, highlighted to the umpire that the ball girl was clearly distressed. The supervisor was then called to the court and the decision was made to disqualify the pair.

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37 Responses

  1. Lazlo says:

    Pure craziness! The ball girl was crying because she had become a spectacle in front of the crowd, not because she got injured.

    • kinglittle says:

      She was only a spectacle because of her reaction. The ball barely touched her, move on with it. She should never be allowed in that position if she has a panic attack from being lightly hit from a ball

    • El Chupacabra says:

      I think she was also autistic

    • Julesy says:

      You have to realize Lazlo,…they’re just kids,…kids reactions are not the same,….she probably panicked…they don’t want adults out there,…because they’re @SSholes…!!! Let me ask you anther question,…WHY is that tennis player hitting the ball in the air..??? This happened at the US OPEN, as you probably know. That player had no business hitting the ball where it could probably hit someone….rules are rules….

    • XhoowieX says:

      @kinglittle it’s mad, the world was literally moving in slow motion when she was hit, as this video clearly shows, so surely it didn’t hurt much? 🤪

    • Escaped from New York says:

      @atllzable. Then they don’t being there. Get off the court and go play a video game. Life isn’t roses.

  2. McCracken216 says:

    This was ridiculous from start to finish. The ball girl’s reaction to a light tap from the ball, the opponents lobbying for the disqualification, the announcers playing along with it, and the officials giving in. All should be ashamed.

    • Antoine says:

      The ball girl should absolutely not be ashamed. She was just shocked because she didn’t expect to be hit, sometimes we can’t control our emotions.

    • Randy Franks says:

      Be professional

    • bt. says:

      ​@Antoine youre a ball girl – its literally your job to catch incoming balls and deal with the occasional stray ball

      Its like being a boxer and getting shocked you got punched in the face for once lol

    • Antoine says:

      @bt.I know what a ball girl’s job is, but she obviously did not intend to cry, and is probably feeling very bad about this whole situation, so she shouldn’t have to be ashamed at all

    • antoine V says:

      @bt. job ?? r u kidding ??
      and it is even not the subject.
      the only question for a disqualification should be the behaviour of the player, not “the result” of this behaviour.
      surely there was no danger and surely the player had a fine behaviour.
      so, no disqualification.
      then ?? maybe the rule have to be considered again.

  3. DanInspiration says:

    The judge initially gave a warning but the opponents wanted a disqualification. Dirty move by the opponents

    • stefano78 says:

      Agreed. That the umpire and supervisor in the court couldn’t make the right decision is almost as shameful as what Bouzkova and Tormo did. Those two players should be shunned in the locker room. People like that do not belong in sport.

  4. broca cochi says:

    The player just passes the ball to the girl, and the ball touches her and she has an emotional panic attack helped by the other team accusing an aggression that didn’t exist. Shame on Tormo and Bouzkova, that was really poor sportsmanship.

    • Stephen Czzz says:

      Kids are children until they’re 26 these days, hopefully, they placed her in a safe space for a few hours.

    • MF Zoom says:

      @Stephen Czzz I’d have hoped you’d have more sympathy for someone doing such a stressful, public job for no pay.

    • Michael Jones says:

      That ball came at her at a high rate of speed. You can tell she was looking away so when the ball came her way it scared her.

    • MegaPastor says:

      DISGRACEFUL! To want to win a match by getting your opponent disqualified makes you less that a human being! I’m sorry, but You just should not be competing! And that Ball girl should be disqualified also from stepping foot on a tennis court ever again! If you go swimming, at least prepare to get-wet?? John-De-Baptist…

    • dm sartori says:

      Yeah.. Unless it was your daughter that got hit…

  5. osg1017 says:

    It really shows what happens when one tragically incompetent and weak person is taken advantage of by those with bad intentions.

  6. piwisu says:

    Such a shame to the opponent and the umpire. So unfair.

  7. karlito_ ln says:

    shame on the opponent for begging a default.

  8. CC 14 says:

    Shameful behavior by opponents. The ump was just going to give a warning until they lobbied to get the win. One of the most pitiful things I’ve seen in sports and there have been a lot.

  9. Eugene Brennan says:

    The lamest part of this all was Tormo and Bouzkova appealing to the chair judge about the ball girl. Seriously, looking for any possibility to win outside of the lines is disgraceful and pathetic. I hope they were proud of their win.

  10. Kosan says:

    Most pathetic action was from Marie Bouzkova and Sara Sorribes begging for a default. Original call was clearly a warning, unintentional hit.

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