Detroit Lions vs. Dallas Cowboys | 2023 Week 17 Game Highlights

Detroit Lions vs. Dallas Cowboys | 2023 Week 17 Game Highlights

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40 Responses

  1. @LauraWollstonecraft-OK31g says:

    What a game!🏈What a game!🤔🧐🤨🫡🏈

  2. @itsthelotterymusic3915 says:

    That was the most intense regular season game I’ve seen in a long time. I would love to see a rematch in the playoffs

  3. @ChristopherBoring says:

    After a long hard fought game by both teams, the refs remain undefeated

  4. @jwchamberlain5862 says:

    Felt like a playoff game because these 2 teams could very well meet again, soon. What’s wrong wit OT any way?

    • @matthewjordan6957 says:

      The Lions already have the division locked up, no reason to risk playing an extra quarter on a coin flip for no reason.

    • @pieperv says:

      I admire Campbell and his moxy. I watched him play as a Cowboy and he his gritty, but after that crazy snafu, they should have kicked it.

    • @ArmyTankerM1A193 says:

      Punkasz cowgirls will have to see the Lions again
      Next time Lions 🦁 will stomp the shi# outta these cowgirls

    • @wenobe says:

      cowboys also have home field advantage and lions got screwed over anyways it woulda payed off

    • @randy1817 says:

      Road teams think it’s better to go for the win rather than overtime.. The problem was that the Refs decided who won the game. They made a bad call again!!

  5. @aliveconartist says:

    As a cowboys fan I won’t lie, our defense got bailed tf out by that illegal touching penalty. Shouldn’t have let them drive like they did in the first place.

  6. @gl_masculinity says:

    Low-key best game I’ve watched all season, two teams fighting, close match but I will say ceedee lamb Carried us to a victory gg lions

  7. @russcastella says:

    Lions actually take risks and play. Exciting to watch.

    • @gabeology2355 says:

      They had nothing to lose they won there division I would’ve done the same but not try 2 point 3 different times after the first I would’ve kick extra point they probably would’ve won in over time but they didn’t 😢😢😢

    • @SnowboardJedi says:

      I am a Cowboys fan but the NFL is WWE with a ball…. he checked in with the refs…it’s on tape

    • @MechanisCaduceus says:

      @@SnowboardJedi I was watching that live when it happened; the announcers (Joe Buck in particular) stated that #68 (the called ineligible receiver on the play) was over there but may not have checked in. Just because he walked over we can’t say he checked in.

      On the other hand, I’m not going to rule out that he did and it got called anyway. Not to mention how loud of an environment it is. Home field advantage is what it is because it makes it incredibly difficult to hear, not just for the players but for the refs as well.

      That being said, if this result happened in Detroit where the stadium would be much quieter, then I would be 100% calling rigging… but I can’t rule it out even here.

      #70 declared on that same play, just not #68…

    • @justinbaileyASU says:

      Yet if they had taken the 3 points earlier in the game then they would have won.

    • @SnowboardJedi says:

      @@MechanisCaduceus bro the NFL is Rigged entertainment….they were forced to admit it in Federal Court 4 times in 2006… proven once again

  8. @eaglesphan5650 says:

    Even with the refs blowing calls, this was a fantastic game. That sack by Hutchinson in the 4th quarter off the spin was a thing of beauty. Detroit is going to be around for a good while.

  9. @jhoneygoddess says:

    11-4 coming in – Amazing. Mucho respect for Goff and the entire Lions organization.

  10. @clarencespears9372 says:

    Definitely felt like a playoff game all the way down to the refs cheating at the end again

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