From Handheld to Console – Scott The Woz

From Handheld to Console – Scott The Woz

Scott blows up garbage.


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  1. Zyphon says:

    My favorite handheld to console series is Ace Attorney. Just pretty cool seeing games with such great stories staying relevant through present-day systems. It feels better to play on DS/3D, but not much is sacrificed with console (it’s a visual novel, what would you expect lol).

    In fact, Great Ace Attorney’s 3DS entries were only available in Japan for some time. Other regions only got it last year (2021) on PC, PS4, and Switch. Hope Capcom releases the other DS/3DS entries some day soon.

    • Don't Read My Profile Photo says:

      Don’t read my name..!!

    • DomDiggity says:

      @Zyphon Bruh I am a HUGE AA fan but I’ve got to admit that it was a horrible example of this video’s concept lmao

      Allow me to teach you that AA was originally a GBA title that was ported to the DS! They literally released the whole trilogy on GBA before porting it years later lmao this video was out to show games that truly pushed their platform’s limit, so much that it’s transition to the big screen console managed to almost be seamless due to how technically impressive the original was lol

      Ace attorney was and is not in anyway appropriate for this type of category lmao! 😏

    • DomDiggity says:

      @handgun559 yeah, peace walker was an absolutely incredible PSP title, many critics actually lauded it as GOTY for 2011!! Which is a pretty big claim for a handheld title, which has never really had a big release gain that type of praise, not just that, Kohima managed to squeeze every ounce of the PSP to make that type of game possible on the console, showing people how shit Nintendo had been treating fans over the last few decades by releasing very underpowered devices for maximum profit, while telling fans some cheesy lines about pushing for “innovation” ( and yeah, the fans absolutely believed all of that and ate it up LMAO)

      But yeah, I’d actually consider this title an amazing example of good cross platform titles between handheld and console, I absolutely LOVE ace attorney but think it’s a very bad example of this genre lol…

    • Shift Fire says:

      Honestly, despite Scott’s words…They’re fully competent ports on the Wii.

      In fact, with the sole exception of Case 5 of game 1…They’re unchanged.

      This is because the Ace Attorney games on DS are actually *ports* of a *GBA* trilogy! Case 5 of game 1 is an exception, as it was made for the DS release, and actually incorporated the touch screen a bit.

    • handgun559 says:

      If I had a favorite it’s have to o be MGS Peace Walker on the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. Metal Gear Solid was already a console series, and Peace Walker was a great substitute for portable. But it’s just a MGS game. It’s meant to be played on console.

  2. Vailskibum says:

    I’d watch Scott talk about a wall for 20 minutes

  3. Nicholas Cheseldine says:

    “You’d be stupid NOT to be stupid”
    Scott, your wisdom never ceases to amaze me

    • Sailor Gallifrey says:

      @Just Stated The Obvious Not everyone is a Sega fanboy who can point out every minute detail about two old consoles

    • Just Stated The Obvious says:

      @Sailor Gallifrey
      Take a look at any two screenshots of the Master System and Game Gear versions of Streets of Rage.

      Then explain how you can mistake the two without being stupid or lazy? Personally, I lean towards the latter. Especially since that seems to be the motivation of his defenders.

    • Sailor Gallifrey says:

      @Just Stated The Obvious Calling someone stupid and lazy for making mistakes isn’t criticism though

    • Victini0510 says:

      @Just Stated The Obvious wish you got worked up about something that matters and not this nonsense

    • Just Stated The Obvious says:

      @Sailor Gallifrey
      It’s cute being called a Sega fanboy when I point out mistakes about Sega products and a Nintendo fanboy when I point out mistakes about Nintendo products.

      I’m sure Scott is grateful to all the angry fanboys and fangirls protecting him from criticism.

  4. Spicy Puffin says:

    Not sure if it’s been done already but I hope Scott does a console to Portable because there are some ports that make me go “Damn how they manage that?”. Test drive unlimited being a good example.

    • Mudkip The Godly says:

      @poudink I think the impressiveness of Xenoblade 3D was more “Wow, this is possible on a handheld at all!” This was 2015, games on the scale of Xenoblade just didn’t really exist on portables at the time, at least not to my knowledge.

    • poudink says:

      Xenoblade Chronicles 3D honestly wasn’t really impressive at all. The New 3DS was way more powerful than people think. Far more powerful than the original 3DS and in several aspects even the Wii. Hyrule Warriors Legend was a far more impressive port. A Wii U game with tons of enemies on screen nearly at all times ported to not just the New 3DS but also the original 3DS with extra content on top of that.

    • Wildan Mustopa says:

      Midnight Club LA Remix could also be a good example

    • Sobble says:

      Xenoblade 3D is still crazy to me

    • CelestialSylveon says:

      @Pablo Escargot And also Super Monkey Ball Jr.!!!

  5. Xploshi says:

    With hardware being so advanced now it’s kinda sad to me that dedicated handhelds with exclusive games are dwindling in popularity

    • Wes Releases says:

      Because the Switch had taken the place of the significantly less powerful handheld, it means it’s no longer necessary to make games exclusively for the handheld market. Games that would be made exclusively for the Nintendo handheld can now be ported to other consoles because the hardware is similar. And vice versa, because games made for other consoles can be played on Switch, there’s less of a need for developers to create original entries for the Switch. The line between handheld and console officially became blurred, and with it there’s no longer a need to cater to the exclusive handheld market.

    • XuroX says:

      Yeah you can just play them on high end phones now

    • rice noodles says:

      @Nico I would prefer if they focus on it being just a handheld instead of trying to be a home console at the same time. The hybrid gimmick has never appealed to me from the beginning. If it was the year 2004 then it would have been another story. Plus, the console is huge for a handheld and can’t fit in a pocket. Plus, you’ll look like a total nerd using it as a teen or adult in public. If you played Botw maybe it will look less weird but assume most people haven’t played it and you look like a man child holding up a leap pad

    • Ethan Simon says:

      Why, do you like exclusive games?

    • Night Owl says:

      Holy shit, two big YouTubers in the same comment section! Such is the power of The Woz.

  6. Necro Critic says:

    There’s actually a particularly weird version of this process. There was a long period of time where Square-Enix would port the mobile versions of their older games to Steam. Which makes little sense when you consider the conversion being from NES/SNES to cell phone to PC.

    • poudink says:

      nope. they badically just always ported from their most recent ports. for final fantasy games, it usually went something like nes/snes -> ps1 -> wonderswan color -> gba -> psp/mobile -> pc. Wasn’t a bad way to go about it either, since they kept all of the added features and enhancements from the previous ports, the lack of which is the reason I still refuse to touch the much praised pixel remasters.

    • Cutie The Communist says:

      I think with the Chrono Trigger version that’s on steam there’s a few more console between the conversion to SNES and PC. Think it also has PS1 and the DS ports in between.

  7. BlackHood says:

    I wanna see Scott make a video about failed and interesting video game mascots, some that were dead on arrival, some that were annoying, and some that had so much potential. Gex, Blasto, Zool the Gremlin, Bubsy, Rocky Rodent, and so much more.

  8. First Name Last Name says:

    I noticed in modern days the only “handheld” getting the handheld treatment vs the console treatment is the smartphone. Both the Switch and the Steam Deck can just play the normal games.

    I feel like Curse of the Moon is the handheld Bloodstained and Ritual of the Night is the console version.

    • Noah Davis says:

      And even then, we don’t exactly see mobile companions to games like God of War or Spider-Man. And not just because they’re on the Steam Deck, but because they don’t want to try to do that kind of thing for big games anymore.

  9. Nick Anderson says:

    I just remembered that Kingdom Hearts did this a couple times. Chain of Memories was put on the PS2 as Re: Chain of Memories and they added a bunch of cutscenes, a fight with Zexion, a much needed phase to the final boss, and more. I like that version a lot better. Dream Drop Distance went on consoles, too, but I don’t think much changed with that one. I haven’t played it yet, so I’m not sure. Also, I don’t think it would be accurate to shorten the name of the console version to “Kingdom Hearts 3D”.

    • Noah Davis says:

      Dream Drop plays at a buttery smooth 60 FPS in HD on consoles, so it got a notable upgrade

    • Bully Maguire says:

      Birth By Sleep Final Mix also came to consoles with the 2.5 collection. It removed multiplayer in the mirage arena, but is still probably the better version.

    • Gracekim24 says:

      I call it kingdom hearts 3D🤷‍♀️

    • A Peculiar Ming Vase says:

      Dream Drop Distance’s gameplay and mechanics are obviously designed with the 3ds in mind. Even with the adjustments and polish on the PS4, it still felt awkward to play in there, especially with regards to the Reality Shift mechanic and the Flick Rush minigame.

    • Jamie Williamson says:

      Thing is, Re:Chain of Memories isn’t a port in the same sense as Scott is talking about. It’s a remake of the GBA game. Now Dream Drop Distance is essentially a port on this sense with some fixes and probably extras to get it working on PS4.

  10. Caldad Extra says:

    I’ve only played Vice City Stories on the PSP, and I didn’t mind. In fact, I’d argue Vice City Stories is BETTER than regular old Vice City. It took the criminal empire building on OG VC, and blew it up to such a degree that it’s arguably one of the best GTA mechanics that didn’t make it to future entries

    • Leith aziz says:

      I’d also argue the protagonist is a lot more interesting than Tommy Vercetti. How he interacts and butts heads with other characters is more dynamic.

    • shinjū tha god says:

      not to mention VCS on PS2 is incredibly difficult to complete. there are quite a few missions that are ten times more difficult on the PS2 version.

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