Full SummerSlam 2021 highlights (WWE Network Exclusive)

Full SummerSlam 2021 highlights (WWE Network Exclusive)

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46 Responses

  1. Old Guy Gaming Network says:

    One thing I hate about the internet is that surprises in Wrestling are almost never surprises anymore.

    • Lyric X says:

      You’re right but idk man if you know a company then you still can see it coming. I saw the Becky Lynch return coming, that’s been a thing for a while now. I also saw Brock’s return happening. Brock’s return wasn’t talked about but it wasn’t a surprise. Also punk’s really wasn’t a surprise but it was still epic

    • Gabriel Guzman says:

      @HK Summerslam was a bust

    • Totally Bored says:

      I would be surprised if Kenny Omega or the Young Cucks did anything that resembles professional wrestling and not some amateur circus just outside of Bognor Regis

    • NoCapJack says:


    • Mike Green says:

      @Gabriel Guzman Oh hell yeah it was. I keep watching his return

  2. Andrea Rambaldi says:

    Fun fact: this is the only year where we didn’t see world title changes at Wrestlemania and Summerslam since 2000.

  3. Julia Red says:

    The women’s matches of this summer slam were low key underwhelming

  4. Alessio Stoppa says:

    Cena: “How many AAs are needed to beat you Roman?”
    Roman: “Yes”

  5. Thunder Warrior says:

    I wasn’t a fan of Riddle at the start of his WWE run but man he’s won me over and is entertaining AF!

  6. Quintin Owsley says:

    Brock must have been like, “Dean and Braun are gone so I can finally wear the attire I’ve always wanted and rock the haircut I’ve always dreamed of.”

  7. Noah Jones says:

    I’m cool with Cena loosing, but just seeing him get brought back solely to make Roman Reigns look good, and then get kicked aside to make way for Brock Lesnar’s return just feels wrong and somewhat demeaning to me

    • blackanimatrix says:


    • shotbyronald says:

      @Engret Curry cena coming back around wrestlemania to win his 17th title in the biggest states of them all maybe in a triple threat match with lesnar and reigns? I can only see that way where he wins it. Then possible retire after that he has nothing left to prove. Maybe get him to 18th time champion I’ll be happy lol

    • Unkn 9 says:

      @SHalight bambam I hope so

    • Aidan O'Halloran says:

      I feel like he will become a 17 time champ through the WWE titile and not the universal one. Just seems more fitting in my opinion

    • shotbyronald says:

      @Aidan O’Halloran what’s the difference? Haven’t kept up with wrestling for years it’s boring lol universal same as heavyweight champion? Or different?

  8. Obey Glixity says:

    Orton’s grunts and sounds are hilarious he really be feeling himself when he wrestle, love to see it

  9. Bastian Palafox says:

    “Cena make sure you make Roman look strong” Vince

  10. De'von Ice says:

    Brock: roman give me Paul back
    Roman: if you want him you’ll have to take him, but you already knew that
    Brock: figured you might say that

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