Gabriel Iglesias Eats His Last Meal

Gabriel Iglesias Eats His Last Meal

Today, Josh is cooking Gabriel Iglesias’s last meal.

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In the spirit of minimizing food waste associated with the filming of this series, Mythical is donating to the Hollywood Food Coalition ( ) who provide daily, nourishing meals to underserved communities in the Los Angeles area.

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34 Responses

  1. Robert Leon says:

    Josh really has elevated the interview game–getting people to talk about their own mortality isn’t always an easy ask. But the bomb food, and the thought-provoking questions go together like pastrami and chili cheese fries.

  2. Benjamin Thurber says:

    No matter how much weight Gabriel loses, he’ll always be “Fluffy.” He’s so genuine, so real. He understands that humor is a unifying force, and enjoys life that way. I’m just a little surprised there was no chocolate cake.

    • PinkArlene1994 says:

      He is just so sick of it man. It’s like he said imagine it being your birthday every day for the last 20 some odd years and you get two cakes a day. Anyone would get tired of that!

    • Benjamin Thurber says:

      @PinkArlene1994 good, you got the joke

    • PinkArlene1994 says:

      @Benjamin Thurber I’m sorry. Didn’t read that as a joke at all.

    • Benjamin Thurber says:

      @PinkArlene1994 No, I understand. The rest of it was honestly a compliment to him. I just thought it was funny to say there wasn’t chocolate cake.

    • kiiokotori ik its crazy hes on yt now says:

      even if he manages to lose all that weight, he will always be fluffy and warm inside as ever

  3. Peter Mantell says:

    This show is getting on a whole new level. The guests, the interviews getting so real and deep, the food of course, all of it is just so synergetic and well done.

  4. Kate Gibson says:

    As someone with a binge eating disorder the power of “I don’t lack the education I lack the motivation” & “I replaced one addiction for another” absolutely hit my heart 😩😩 I love this show

    • Snarky4lyfe says:

      i “eat my feelings” and yes not a lack of education lack of motivation . ive been trying to lose weight for 30+ years . at some point i just accepted that i would never be a size zero , and that a 24 isnt super huge . and after i had my daughter , she stuck around my body , so theres that too lol .

    • K7L3R Workman says:

      I’m 29 and same… I’ve tried working out… I last ONE session before my mind is like “why the fck am I even doing this, it changes nothing.”

    • Mslovelyshot Mrs. Dawn says:

      ​@k7l3rworkman97 You got this I promise. You have to find something that is fun and motivates you when working out. I lived with bulemi* and aneorex*a for 14 years. I struggled with weight my whole life. And I finally just found that weight lifting is the love for working out I’ve missed. Both physically and mentally (especially mentally)

    • Juli Burton says:

      I found my people! I just want to be happy and enjoy life. ❤

    • Sophia Bodtmann says:

      I somehow ended up with getting addicted to Pepsi. But thankfully I have my sister to cut it down.

  5. Joshua Brofford says:

    This needs more views. Having people on your show and feeding them their FAVORITE comfort foods is a genius tactic to then ask them questions! They are already in a good mood from the food so the answers are great as well! This deserves to be as big as Hot Ones!

  6. Danielle S says:

    I love this show and Hot Ones because they are actual interviews where people can be themselves and answer questions that are not cookie cutter and monotonous.

    • Cable says:

      I hope we eventually get to see Sean on Last Meals and Josh on Hot Ones.

    • Alison Baunoch says:

      Yes and they don’t surround them with puppies or make them read google questions. They’re letting the people have an actual conversation which I think is what fans of their want.

    • Lordmonocr says:

      @Cablewe need to see a crossover on both channels! Each doing their own thing with eachother

  7. Astro Nomical says:

    The fact that if you actually google just “fluffy” he’s not only the first but the only thing to pop up… wow I’ve never been more proud to be Mexican 🤣

    • demonslover says:

      He was the third thing to come up on my search.

    • Ryan McLaughlin says:

      Weirdly fluffy pancakes was the first for me he was second

    • Christian Black says:

      He was the first thing to pop up and even before I hit enter, he came up in the auto finish with his photo, lmao.

    • Sophia Bodtmann says:

      My family ain’t Mexican, but my brother knows Spanish, my sister is learning Japanese and I’m learning German. We’re part German.

    • Brasc says:

      He was first for me. I checked Google images and he was the first six photos, followed by a dog. In fact, it was all Gabriel and dogs except for one Fluffy McWhiskers who was, I’m sad to report, apparently involved in a cuteness explosion.

  8. SpecialBrownies says:

    As a 30 year old mexican american born and raised in LA, i have known gabriel and his comedy for basically my entire life. Havent seen much of him in a while, but man how can you not love this man. So humble, genuine, kind and just flat out a funny guy This was a great episode!

  9. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Now, if I ever meet Gabriel in person…I’ll ask him about his day and how he’s been feeling.

  10. Alejandra Alvarez says:

    I struggle with depression and Gabriel Iglesia’s comedy acts, from his specials to his sitcome, always comforts me.

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