Game Theory: FNAF, A Family REBUILT (Ultimate Timeline Finale)

Game Theory: FNAF, A Family REBUILT (Ultimate Timeline Finale)

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Friends, welcome to the FINAL part of our FNAF Timeline, t’s been quite a ride putting this all together! Sure, there may still be some unanswered questions but I truly feel like this timeline solves a lot of questions that we’ve had for a long time and honestly poses some really interesting new ones. I’m so excited to see where we go next with this franchise and you all know I’ll be right here with you pulling my hair out trying to make sense of it! Thank you all for theorizing alongside me!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
Editors: Dan “Cybert” Seibert, Tyler Mascola, JayskiBean, Pedro Freitas and Warak
Sound Designer: Yosi Berman
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30 Responses

  1. Nisa Bizahaloni says:

    Watching Matpat’s descent into madness in trying to solve or make a narrative sense of this franchise is a joy honestly.

  2. alyssa smith says:

    I love the fact that MatPat has literally found a way to explain that the skins in FNAF AR are *canon*, and in a way that actually makes sense in the story. Well done.

    • Hana-Honey-Gaming says:

      Is no one gonna question the pfp of this “bot”

    • A person says:

      Why in the big mac do i see u everywhere💀

    • fewagh5rweszuj says:

      @Topdoggie7 Yes, but that does not mean nothing is real. AR and especially security breach has a lot of scrapped content. What is obviously just cosmetic-themed skins can easily be used in lore if scott wanted to.

    • Douglas Marshall says:

      Y’all gotta stop liking bot comments, all it takes is one quick look at the username and profile picture to tell

    • Topdoggie7 says:

      Scott said long ago not to take any little detail for granted. Not even the skins.

  3. Emma Juhala says:

    We’re proud of you too Matpat! How you keep track of everything in this franchise is absolutely beyond me.

  4. Magical Eraser says:

    MatPat is so focused on this series I wouldn’t be surprised if he became the next afton

  5. catborgir says:

    MatPat is actually surprisingly poetic while describing the settings, looks and smells of the Fazbear Universe, I literally have never heard him like this ever before.

  6. nollale says:

    Honestly, even if something here is wrong, I’m happy with the story y’all have compiled/crafted. Thank y’all for all the hard work💜

  7. Bread Baron says:

    I’m glad that Mat made this whole timeline story. I don’t even care if/that he got something wrong here or there, it’s just a story and I’m here to enjoy hearing it come from MatPat.

    • fewagh5rweszuj says:

      @justgoingincognito there is no reason for you to be here

    • Jalen Naito says:

      @Bob the nob yeah ballora has never been confirmed to have a spirit. He could’ve just made those voice lines as a weird reminder to himself she doesn’t have any spirit in her

    • Douglas Marshall says:

      Yes! It is more fun to actually have a story instead of the usual toenail clippings of a rotting corpse

    • NodoChitsu says:

      When you said “its just a story” it made my brain go “ITS JUST A STORY, A GAME STORY. thanks for watching”

  8. SmugLookingBarrel says:

    Coming away from this whole timeline, I think the biggest thing I’m left wanting is a closer look back at the very early years. You’ve done an amazing job putting together the incredibly complex pieces of this franchise, but the one line in your first video about Afton being inspired by the work of Walt Disney hit me harder than any of the death and spirits and robots of the whole rest of the timeline.

  9. RC Higgins says:

    I liked you bringing Afton’s ex-wife back into the story. It makes the most sense logically and adds depth to a previously unexplored character.

  10. larry wright says:

    The fact that he made shamrock Freddy not only canon but make sense is impressive

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