Gamers Review Spider-Man 2

Gamers Review Spider-Man 2

“Spida man, have you ever eat a pretzel?!” – The Green Gremlin

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39 Responses

  1. The IceElemental says:

    Dunkey, now a busy father, outsources his work to his viewers. Truly a revolutionary move that will shake the industry to its core.

  2. dead meme says:

    I used to feel conflicted about killing random people for no reason but thanks to Dunkey’s review I can safely say I am a good man. My father would be proud

  3. HotCupaJo says:

    The inclusion of Big Wheel literally had me shaking and sobbing. 10/10.

    • Outtoxicated says:

      Consoom big wheel

    • clay jack says:

      @Outtoxicated You can’t consume Big Wheel are you crazy?!?!?!?!?!?!??!? THE WHEEL IS WAY TOO BIG!!!!!!!!

    • Zonies Coasters says:

      Actually, it’s inclusion was done HORRIBLY! first of all, it’s NOT called “Big Wheel” it’s called the Wonder Wheel!!!! And it’s missing the wonder wheels signature feature! The sliding and swinging gondolas! We’re the developers STUPID????? The game is a 2/10 at best, UNPLAYABLE at worst because of this HORRIFIC oversight.

    • Talison Costa says:

      Mario wonder be looking real good this month 😂😂😂😂

  4. Rifat.AI. says:

    It’s baffling nobody pointed out when the Lizard said “It’s tail time, Spiderman” or when Kraven said “I’m kraving for some hunting”. The ingenuity in those lines makes this game really feel like Spider-Man 2

  5. wwwaldo333 says:

    I liked how collecting Spider Coins made the spidermobile bigger and eventually you got to fly to the moon and defeat Doug Bowser, granting Sony the rights to all of nintendo’s intellectual property.

  6. hp377 says:

    The best part of Spider-Man 2 in my opinion was when Peter says “Miles, it’s time for you to become Spider-Man, too.” Really hit hard

  7. Joel Haver says:

    I wish gamers were around when Citizen Kane came out, maybe then we’d know if that thing was any good or not

  8. David Coup says:

    I really love the part of Spider Man 2 where Peter sacrificed Venom to pay for our sins. Truly Biblical levels of storytelling.

  9. Tim Sarman says:

    This game truly does make you feel like Spider-Man 2.

  10. NavoX says:

    Ah yes, “It makes me feel like Spiderman 2”. Such a classic review

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