the FNAF movie is kinda dumb…

the FNAF movie is kinda dumb…

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46 Responses

  1. Alex Meyers says:

    If you’re ever injured in an accident, you can check out Morgan & Morgan. You can submit a claim in 8 clicks or less without having to leave your couch. To start your claim, visit:

  2. Circus Freak 🏳️‍🌈 says:

    I love how they put MatPat in the FNAF movie just to have him say “that’s just a theory”
    Pure gold.

  3. supergluehotty says:

    Can we all just take a moment to say Mike is screwed. His Aunt who he was in a legal case with is dead at his house. His place of employment is gone, and employer dead, or dieing. Vanessa was nearly dead from the same place, and was dropped off at a hospital by Mike. There was no witness to what happened, and mike has a history with strong drugs. He’s going to jail. Sequel better be named 5 nights at prison.

    • Darkness M says:

      she is not dead, but if mike goes to prison, everyone in the prison will die and responsible will die, literally even judge and everyone involved in taking mike to prison will die, in a horrible way

      there was something so deadly at the side of mike, he still didn’t show up

      but he always watching, its a monster more terrifying than

      hallowen, jason 13th, Freddy kudge,Chucky

      he is so deadly, he could totally make all others slasher regrets, he going to show them what truly violence and rage means

      there is nothing that can stop it

      doesn’t expect anything than absolute level of violence and rage of him

      no limits, not even death can save them

    • Tigerboy & friends says:

      Personally I don’t think Mike Schmidt will be the main character in the next movie instead I think it will be Michael Afton which is what happens in the games. I did think at one point that Mike took his mums surname instead of his dads for whatever reason but that wouldn’t make sense since Vanessa did and it was Shelly(unless she’s married). In the games Schmidt is thought to be Mike Afton but for the movies I’m still a bit confused on the whole matter.

    • NALII says:

      @Darkness M Is this level of corny mary sue in the game too?

    • bethany wallace says:

      He also has a history of being violent
      But I agree. I was wondering at end of movie how exactly he was gonna explain his aunt’s death. Especially since he invited her over to the house and then “oh NO” She ded

    • Old Mate Johnny says:

      let me tell you a thing about plot armour

  4. 66 Roses says:

    As someone who’s exposure to FNAF begins and ends with Markiplier’s lets plays of the first game and Security Breach, I had a fun time. It felt like a campfire ghost story. Not that scary, but a decent way to pass the time. I’d happily watch it again, which I can’t say about too many movies these days.

    • THEGREATMAX says:

      I agree with you. It reminded me a lot of watching spoopy PG-13 ghost movies when I was young.

      The movie was good. Everything was set up properly before the payoffs later (they could have set them up a bit more, but they did fine). All the plot twists make sense. Characters that turn out to be “villains” act weird as soon as you meet them and give off an untrustworthy “there’s more going on here” sort of vibe.

      I don’t know what people are complaining about with this movie fr

    • Muis! says:

      Same for me, except I’m more well versed in FNAF lore. It’s NOT a good movie. But I enjoyed watching it and would happily do so again!

    • Eugenia Bukhman says:

      I felt the same way. Yeah, this movie is genuinely not very good in a lot of ways but I had so much fun watching it and I would definitely be down to watch it again someday.

  5. DrFumiya says:

    At least it wasn’t a flop. It was good enough for the fans. And I’m happy for that. Honestly, it’s crazy how Scott a single dude made it this far.

    • SleepyMonsterAddict says:

      Yeah I think people are forgetting that this movie is mostly made by a guy who happened to make a game that got extremely popular, he ain’t no hollywood genius and that’s okay. I am not a fan of the series but am simply interested in the characters and story and I think that this movie being targeted so much towards the fans is not a bad thing at all. Scott wanted a gift for his fans and that’s what this is, you can’t expect any regular horror fan who doesn’t know a thing about fnaf to be in love with this movie. It gives me a bit the same vibes as IT, not good in terms of being actually scary, but the atmosphere and story are there

    • Yuma says:

      It has made 120 million, smashing plenty of records. It’s the exact opposite of a flop.

    • Boiled Pizza says:

      what’s the movie’s budget anyway?

    • Arthys says:

      @Boiled PizzaOnline reports say $20 million, though I’m not sure whether that includes marketing or not. Regardless, the movie is a strong financial success.

    • r e v e l a r e_ XVII says:

      It’s actually the most expensive Blumhouse movie to date.

  6. Hannah W says:

    As a former fnaf kid, it was a lot of fun to watch with friends. As a normal person, it’s one of the most amateur things I’ve ever seen

    • the man behind the slaughter says:

      honestly im just confused why scott keeps changing the lore? cause he pretty much slapped the game lore and book lore and his own little sprinkles into one and its just confusing💀

    • Muis! says:

      @the man behind the slaughter retcon
      (in a film, television series, or other fictional work) a piece of new information that imposes a different interpretation on previously described events, typically used to facilitate a dramatic plot shift or account for an inconsistency.
      “we’re given a retcon for Wilf’s absence from Donna’s wedding in ‘The Runaway Bride’: he had Spanish Flu”
      revise (an aspect of a fictional work) retrospectively, typically by introducing a piece of new information that imposes a different interpretation on previously described events.
      “I think fans get more upset when characters act blatantly out of established type, or when things get retconned”

    • Homerboy44 says:

      FNAF is a great “your first horror” series, but there are better ones waiting around the corner, like Slenderman, SCP, The Backrooms, so on.

  7. Blockhead says:

    Despite this movie not being liked by audiences who aren’t familiar with this franchise besides critics. This movie did way better than what Exorcist Believer did 💀

    • Npc I'm knot says:

      it’s the 2nd highest halloween weekend in history, and about to break mario’s opening. ya it did much better than exorcist haha

    • Guinea Pig Everyday says:

      you know what. Regardless of what you think of FNAF, Exorcist: Believer is far worse, far more scummy, far more nihilistically greedy and corporate and soulless. It makes a mockery of the original and its part of a 400 million deal to make a trilogy of shitty exorcist sequels. Its proper IP-cash-grab bullshit and im so glad it flopped, hope to god it ends there. So happy that Talk To Me, technically a film related to the idea of exorcisms/possession, did really well, as an original fresh take on the concept.

  8. Dante' says:

    I love it as a FNAF fan, but as a regular person, I can’t say much else. I don’t feel like someone who hasn’t had any experience with the games or books will enjoy it as much

    • The Ceo of Eggman's empire says:

      Fnaf movie has two main problems:

      It’s not scary & hard to understand if u know 0 fnaf related stuff

      I enjoyed it tbh, 7.5 or 8/10 from me

    • Gracekim25 says:

      That’s perfectly fine 👍🙂 I’m glad the fans can enjoy it❤

    • Dante' says:

      @theceoofeggmansempire5214  I think the real reason the horror movie wasn’t horrific was because they still wanted to appeal to the younger demographic. I think they were simply limited to what they could show

    • Matterz says:

      @The Ceo of Eggman’s empirenot true cause my 50 year old mom could follow the story😭

    • -Spinxie the Thing- says:

      @Dante’yeah that makes sense

  9. I try to be funny says:

    As a fnaf fan for years I did appreciate all the Easter eggs and attention to some of the lore but the thing that frustrated me was the fact that they tried to mash every game and book all together and changed a lot of things I really appreciates about the lore and that just kinda ruined it for me

    • Clockwork Monsters says:

      I honestly don’t get why they didn’t just stick to the story highlights of like the first three games or so and left it open for future installments according to audience interest. Then the story wouldn’t feel so desperately jammed and smushed together!

    • ♡HopeWorld♡ says:

      ​@Clockwork Monsters My guess is that 1. Blumhouse and steel wool (?) were mainly in charge of the movie whilst Scott was really just there to write about his og thoughts so it wasn’t kept to the original concept/lore we know fnaf to be.
      And 2. As I said, im pretty sure Scott’s main role and focus was making the movie be what he originally made the games to be, which he kinda did with the Sliver Eyes book but just in movie form with additions and changes.
      I also prefer if he tied some looser ends with the first three games as not only would we have final theories and finally put some pieces tgt with confirmation but also make space for new events and games. Honestly I really would have also liked if this be how we end this era of fnaf where we make movies to tie up all the lore and finally put the franchise to rest a bit (controversial opinion tbh) or at least make way for a new beginning

    • Guinea Pig Everyday says:

      considering the movie is clearly made JUST for fans who know the lore, and the movie overcomplicates it to hell, it seems strange that they’d then also mess up the lore when a much simpler story is available to them which would work for new audiences and fans

  10. Prapaly says:

    You know normally I’m critical about horror movies and even though this one wasn’t at all hella great, I really do respect it for what it does for the people who love the franchise. It’s basically the creator saying, thanks for being a fan so here’s a live action that you can have forever. I can respect that completely.

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