Gaming Revivals – Scott The Woz

Gaming Revivals – Scott The Woz

Scott sells ghosts. Happy Halloween!

Original Music by
Garrett Williamson (

Animation by
Adie Valavanis (


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45 Responses

  1. Watchie says:

    The fact that Scott still hasn’t regained his belongings is the scariest part of Halloween.

  2. Ben Olsberg says:

    I think Scott would genuinely have to try harder to make bad content than he does good content because I’ve been watching his content for a little over a year and he has never once left me anything less than entertained or at the very least, amused. On a side, note congratulations on buying a house Scott. And brilliant work writing in an arc about most of your games and consoles being stolen while you were moving to make it seem authentic in the context of the show.

    • Jimmie Jordan says:

      I know Scott has over a mill subs but he’s still super underrated. One of the only you tubers I watch that I have to double take multiple times during a casual listen.

    • Ben Olsberg says:

      @Jimmie Jordan I agree, but I do think he’s gaining the traction he deserves, if a little slowly. In the time I’ve watched him I’ve witnessed his following increase substantially and I’m really happy for him. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting him in person but he seems like a genuinely awesome guy, as do his friends who participate in his videos so I always hope the best for them all when they do so much for their audience.

    • A-1 Animator says:

      His stuff was stolen? I feel bad

    • Ben Olsberg says:

      @A-1 Animator Lol no it wasn’t actually stolen. A few videos ago he while he was in the process of moving and some of his stuff was at his new place (presumably) since his game room was mostly emptied out he decided to make a running gag for a few episodes that most of his game related possessions were stolen in a robbery. It was pretty clever honestly, the way he found a way to film around his moving process. It shows real dedication.

  3. EZ2ACTux says:

    “we sell dead people”
    *Scott looks at del taco*

    I dunno why but this had me in stitches lmao

  4. Andy Chen says:

    Can we all agree to call this “robbery arc” the “Re-Possession arc” since the bank repossessed his stuff, and it also sounds Halloween-y

  5. shadow759 says:

    12:05 yeah that honestly drives me nuts.

    • Swagstufff says:

      I used to love your videos man! I’m glad to see you’re still going.

    • RedeyeWarrior98 says:

      Didn’t expect to see you here. That’s a blast from the past

    • Tap Out Corner says:

      I was going to say bananas but nuts work too.

    • RSFArocks says:

      An especially awful example of this is when Capcom said they weren’t going to make a new Darkstalkers game because not enough people bought Darkstalkers Resurrection. I mean, they actually re-released a 15 year old game, digital only (at a time when retail sales still made up over 80% of all video game sales), region-locked it to Japan, and they unironically called it a failure because it sold less than two *million* copies. Most new don’t even sell that much.

    • Diamond The Hedgehog says:

      Holy shit, you were my childhood.

  6. Pogohg says:

    Bank: “You can’t have your things back before you pay!”
    Also bank: “I don’t want your bribe!”

  7. Patterrz says:

    The gap between Elder Scolls releases now has convinced me I’ll die of old age before TES 10 is released

  8. Jordan Estep says:

    Just noticed Scott actually wins the rock paper scissors at the beginnning and doesn’t realize it.

  9. JarekTheGamingDragon says:

    It ain’t a video talking about game revivals if someone doesn’t scream DOOM 2016/ETERNAL at the top of their lungs in the comments.

  10. The Frosty Show says:

    Scott going from his parent’s house, to an apartment, to his own house is peak character development. Shame he is just a fictional character…

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