In Japan…6th Aug. !!
Luffy will get to his “PEAK” in ANIME chap.1071.
Epic MANGA ONE PIECE’s chap.1044 is going to be finally delivered as ANIME!!

chap. 1071「Luffy’s Peak – Attained! Gear Fifth」
Director: 長峯達也 Tatsuya Nagamine
Animation Director: 松田翠 Midori Matsuda, 斉藤圭太 Keita Saito


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41 Responses

  1. Vailskibum says:

    That’s what we’ve been waiting for!!

  2. Evil says:

    Can we give props to Luffy’s voice actor ??? She did perfect with that “joyful/psycho” impression of Nika

  3. Cristobal S. says:

    I was expecting A LOT from the animation team and they delivered greatly, but I cannot stop thinking about what an amazing job Mayumi Tanaka is doing. She’s selling the crazyness of Joy Boy with her voice

  4. 카배로에릭 says:

    While I’m only on Whole Cake Island, I am eager to see Luffy’s new form. I started one piece last year in January and since then, I’ve been slowly grinding it out. When this form was spoiled for me last year, I immediately bought the manga for it and saw luffy going stupid and having fun. I absolutely cant wait to see this animated

    • N Holloway says:

      Just wait until you get to Wano so many amazing moments.

    • Levi Mills says:

      Same. I got 20 episodes left of the arc

    • Kew The II says:

      Eyyy whole cake island gang! I’m almost at Katakuri though!

    • 카배로에릭 says:

      Yall I’m just about to reach ep 800😭 I’m finna grind out these next two weeks to try and catch up. If not, ima be off the internet all of August until I catch up💀 ain’t not way I wanna see the fights spoiled for me

    • N Holloway says:

      @카배로에릭 this teaser is showing for episode 1071. Episode 1072 apparently is going to be much much better and action packed airing on August 13th. If you got the free time you may be able to catch up by the 13th 🙂

  5. otk_77 says:

    Está simplesmente incrível ❤

  6. Andrew says:

    Im proud to be a One Piece fan. This will bring the whole world one step closer

  7. The Venom says:

    The feeling of seeing Gear 5 being animated can not be described in words. Just smile like Luffy and enjoy this moment.

  8. Anime4K says:

    Luffy’s gear 5 really fits him because throughout the whole series he’s always laughing and having fun and being dumb and lufffy being joy boy really goes with him. I think gear 5 is absolute perfection for that

  9. Imchautzu CHAUTZU! says:

    Mayumi is Incredible! I’ve just had this on in the backround for the past few yours(for the drums, real brothers and real rats know what it is fr) and i have not gotten tired of Mayumi’s Spectacular voice acting! In case y’all aint on game, I used “Incredible” and “Spectacular” for a reason. Mayumi does the perfect mix of a hulk like crazy, with the pure joy and trolling nature of Spider-man(considering the insane quip thats about to happen to Kaido in 1072, I think this comparison in fair😂). It’s even perfect for Gear 5 itself because Hulk gets his power from anger, and gets exponentially stronger the angrier he gets, Luffy is the same exept he gets his power from Joy and he gets stronger the happier he is, and bro literally gets a buff from LAUGHING(Road to Laughtale)

  10. Polvo de estrellas 💫 says:

    Esto es demasiado epico.

    No me arrepiento de haber visto esta obra, al principio me aburria pero desde arlong park me atrapo y actualmente es mi segundo manga favorito.

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