Geometry Dash 2.2 Released

Geometry Dash 2.2 Released

Geometry Dash Update 2.2 is now available on the App Store, Google Play, and Steam!


Google Play:


Video by @viprin and @nasgubb

*Listen to “Tomb” by BoomKitty and Skyth:*

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36 Responses

  1. @STIVENELVRO says:

    Gracias Robtop por todo!!!! casi 7 años de espera valieron completamente la pena por todo lo que trae la 2.2 ❤🙏

  2. @alvirius1482 says:

    Fue un honor haber esperado estos 7 años junto a ustedes 😎🗿

  3. @VineBoomer says:

    After all the wait we have it, thank you RobTop for creating such an awesome community (except for the people who did some stuff).
    Best gift for a 10 year anniversary.

  4. @TotkMay12 says:

    Can we all just give this man a big round of applause

    • @k4vbRms7-yt says:

      YouTube told me that if I become the most hated creator on the platform
      They will finally give me the World Record for the most hated !

  5. @GrammorCL says:

    Mis respetos a toda la comunidad de Geometry Dash que ha podido seguir estando activo y que ha evolucionado sin ninguna actualizacion desde hace 7 años.

  6. @elbenjaminoficial says:

    Gracias robtop por darnos esta increible actualizacion despues de tanto tiempo, se te agradece ❤

  7. @lakelol says:

    A moment of silence for the people who missed it. I love you, Rob!! ❤

  8. @micahgooden375 says:

    Thanks RobTop for everything you’ve done for this community, we all appreciate you so much!

  9. @samisplay709 says:

    Gracias Robtop Games todos estamos agradecidos ❤❤🎉

  10. @BobBG234 says:

    I love everything new in this update, definitely worth all the wait

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