Mysterious Pages.. Minecraft: From The Fog #3

Mysterious Pages.. Minecraft: From The Fog #3

why did i do this to myself.. SLENDERMAN?? ARE YOU SERIOUS???




main datapack:

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21 Responses

  1. MrSmile says:

    Hell yeah!! I started watching you a few days ago and I’m already loving this series. Please make a complete series!

  2. Emre53 says:

    Calvin casually giving up his mental health for his viewers… Calvin is a G.

  3. Elliot says:

    I cant even put into words how good watching this series feels now in halloween season.

  4. EmojiWithAGun says:

    “I’m glad you guys are enjoying this more laid back series.” proceeds to get absolutely shit on by a creature from the shadows.

  5. Gibus says:

    Since you’re in singleplayer, you might consider enchanting a separate sword with Smite rather than using Sharpness, since the specific damage buff will affect a lot more things as opposed to the broader versatility of Sharpness. I’m talking “oneshot zombies” sorta thing, which might help a ton if Possession really does make the mobs act harder.

  6. Aidan Litts says:

    This series is fantastic. It’s genuinely investing and it’s really high quality. Also, you may want to invest in iron doors if that big toothy thing can break your wood doors.

  7. says:

    The reason why the possessed small husks keeps appearing is prob a compatibility issue between the From the Fog datapack and the other Herobrine mod, the From the Fog one uses invisible small husks to appear but the other mod is turning them into possessed making them visible, there is a command on the From the Fog datapack to remove any bugged small husks that Herobrine might leave behind and i think it might also remove the bugged possessed ones, the command is: “/function fromthefog:admin/cleanup” (you might need to enable cheats to use the command).

  8. end3rtr0n 5000 says:

    I’m not sure if you already added it, but if you haven’t you should add Whisperwoods mod to the pack. Creepy things stalking you in the forest, lost souls wandering your world, and cool little boss fight.

    WARNING: There are three different things that could happen in this mod that are guaranteed to kill you if you aren’t careful so watch a mod pack review before playing

    Edit: never mind just watched the video and saw the whisp from the mod.

  9. ItsCosmos says:

    Since this Works with Vannila Zombies you should try placing your Doors against the Walls so they look opened by Default.This confuses the AI to think the Doors are already open when in Reality they are closed

    • crusher 9z9 says:

      This means placing the door closed against the wall and then clicking it to open it, which will make the door closed but the ais cannot see that.

  10. KefkeWren says:

    That *E* is a _deep_ cut. Goes all the way back to Game Chap and Bertie’s mod reviews, where “Herobrine” would leave a giant *E* as his calling card.

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