Get Ready for Your Trip to Blueberry Academy!

Get Ready for Your Trip to Blueberry Academy!

Watch the final trailer for The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero Part 2: The Indigo Disk to learn about exciting new ways to play Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet!

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43 Responses

  1. @ozairh18 says:

    Kieran’s new character design mixed with the music was really well done

  2. @AloisAgos says:

    Everyone is excited to see the return of more starters and legendary Pokemon, but I’m just glad we get to see more Larry!

  3. @WatchKid12 says:

    I plan on making an entire Starters-only team for Indigo Disk, and y’all are making that plan SO HARD to stick to!

  4. @nathiebear says:

    Honestly, it feels like Teal Mask walked so that Indigo Disk could run. Looking forward to this one!

    • @leef9874 says:

      Teal mask was basically there to set up kieran’s character and add some more lore to tera crystals. Indigo disk is the real meat of the dlc

    • @unkindled6410 says:

      now, like the game itself its still dragging itself with one arm because of how rushed it is.

  5. @NovaDog-gz4ye says:

    Terapagos has potential to be one of my favorite legendaries. Not only does its lore look interesting, but we are finally getting the majestic minogame Pokemon that I’ve been wanting since Squirtle/Wartortle didn’t evolve into one!

  6. @princesidon413 says:

    I love the return of the teachers and the gym leaders, can we have the team star members back as well, love those guys

  7. @MunchingOrange says:

    man I am so excited for the next Pokemon adventure!

  8. @TheBackRoom_Collectibles says:

    Yes!!! Blastoise’ 3D model is finally fixed. I’ve been wanting this for over 10 years. His face is sculpted proper, his cannons are the correct size, and his shell (white trim) is now sculpted properly! Ho-Oh’s new model also looks nice!

    • @Nodnarb0130 says:

      I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one freaking out about the improvement to Blastoise!! It’s my all time favorite, they even gave him that bubbly, curled up snout like the og model in RBY rather than the sharper, triangular build. I’m so happy 😭

    • @TheBackRoom_Collectibles says:

      @@Nodnarb0130 I’ve been wanting BLASTOISES model updated for over a decade. It’s all I was hoping to see in the trailer! Then they didn’t show any Blastoise gameplay…. The very last part of the trailer had that picture and I instantly saw the update & was zooming in looking at the changes. I am so happy! I hope these models get brought over to Pokémon go too

    • @dranes5325 says:

      Is blastoise in the video?

    • @thedragonwarrior5861 says:

      ​@@dranes5325it can be seen at the very end when it mentions Pokemon Home

    • @thedragonwarrior5861 says:

      Now only Venusaur doesn’t have an updated model…
      Because it’s already perfect

  9. @JoshioE110 says:

    3:50 Not only am I glad Darkrai is getting the attention he deserves, but also challenging Dialga and Palkia with Darkrai is a nice reference to the 10th movie!

  10. @wildboygregorymusic says:

    This DLC has been amazing so far! it’s been personally heartwarming to see familiar Pokémon return and have new places to explore!

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