Girlfriend of armed citizen says he pushed her to safety before engaging mall shooter

Girlfriend of armed citizen says he pushed her to safety before engaging mall shooter

Elishjah Dicken, 22, took down a gunman at the Greenwood Park Mall.

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  1. Mattstriker says:

    Proud of you man. If you’re reading this you’re a true hero. Without you there so many others would have lost their lives. Especially right now in this hectic world you were at the right place at the right time. Thank you

    • Eric Morgan says:

      @sasoto6 God bless you. Thanks for running twords evil. I’m proud to know your American

    • sasoto6 says:

      Thank you 🙏

    • Jack Restivo says:

      Must be hard to train properly with such big balls dragging in between your legs bro. Good shit man. You did good and your community is proud. You cant ask for more than that. Also, note how he was carrying a TQ.

  2. Me says:

    Eli, you did what you had to do and you saved others from getting hurt or worse. The people in that mall were fortunate that you had your gun and knew how to do it!

    • Tristan Wolff says:

      @rocket almighty beats When the DOJ itself says there are at least 100,000,000 unknown, unregistered guns in the US, that’s the reason we need good guys with guns. We need every citizen to have that right, and have access to the training, and be able to make that decision without reprisals.

    • Cathy Melton says:

      Thank you Eli for being so brave and saving lives. You are a hero ❤🙏🇺🇸

  3. Tilyr Gannon says:

    This is a story that genuinely brings tears to my eyes. He’s a hero.

  4. Twisted Post says:

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Thank God for this young man

    • Justincasey_Grabbederpussy says:

      @Daniel Suarez <— this lady should take Fox News, and other conservative news organizations, to court and try to get all of the money that they owe her…. Bc they’ve been living in her head rent free for years now.😆

    • Muffy Crosswire says:

      Round Peg- good point, they were even forcing people who tested negative for c0v1d into quarantine

    • Daniel Suarez says:

      @Round Peg facts lol that’s being the fox news, Newmax, Infowars talking points for over a year now 🤷.

  5. West Coast Spartan says:

    This young man did everything correctly. Citizens need to fight back and protect themselves from losers like the one trying to shot up the mall. We can not get used to being victimized.

    • Orlando says:

      @Matt most people are stupidly impressionable; but it’s better than being the Coroner; which I seen many of growing up here in Detroit. It’s more level headed people out here than we give credit too though. It could of been worst with the arsenal the shooter had with him. Actually happen a couple of weeks after Constitutional Carry passed tho!

  6. What if says:

    This kid did more than a fully equipt squad of police officers did for little children. Dude deserves a medal

    • Miss You2💝 says:

      @Jordan Cody Thank you for understanding how some seniors say kid even if you’re in your 30’s. That does show you are totally secure in yourself. You are mature & secure. Mature & secure would make a cool Tshirt BTW. LoL
      All these kids on this thread demanding to be called adults by seniors are very immature & unsecure in themselves.
      Oh well they have time to grow up.

    • SPlenk says:

      hell yeah!

  7. FiveBoro Prez says:

    I would love to shake this young man’s hand and tell him that he did the right thing. Be well and live a long healthy life.

  8. Lee Prochazka says:

    You didn’t take someone’s life. You saved lives.

  9. DrMarsh says:

    It’s great to see young people conceal carrying, being proficient, and smart enough to get steady before taking shots. This man is not just a hero for taking out the shooter, he’s a hero to the second amendment and all conceal carrying Americans alike.

  10. C R says:

    It only takes one to save or take many. This is how you level the playing field. Our thoughts and prayers are with you both. You two did extremely well given the circumstances. I hope you both go onto educate others and take care of yourselves after such a trauma.

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