Estranged son of Nashville chief wanted for shooting 2 officers found dead: TBI

Estranged son of Nashville chief wanted for shooting 2 officers found dead: TBI

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) reports John Drake Jr., the man accused of shooting two La Vergne Police officers, has been found dead. More updates here:
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31 Responses

  1. Getme2more Now says:

    Im sure his dad is going through it right now emotionally and otherwise, especially being that he is the Chief of Police there.

  2. DeVyneOne says:

    Prayers for the reporter. Hope she gets the help she needs. 😔

  3. Mary Anne Daugherty says:

    Prayers for his parents. May they find it peace. Adults over 18yo make their own life choices. They cannot blame their parents forever.

    • Andrew Enriquez says:

      No, but we can. If thats how his son acted with his father as an officer for the first 18 years of his life then I dont want to know what this chief did to his other kids to make them act like this.

    • david O'Connor says:

      Need to investigate this cheap a little further and more in detail if this is the kind of man he raises I hate to see how his department looks

    • Neon Phoenix says:

      Mary sounds like a bad parent, we are always responsible for our children, and as parents we drastically affect their future from childhood.

  4. Mark N says:

    Should go back and ask the judges and DAs on all his previous cases for comments…. How are people like this still on the street continuing to victimize people? How many crimes and convictions over 20 plus years does it take? Idiots!!

  5. Dusty Tanner says:

    Oh wow. That poor chief. So sorry for him.

  6. Patti Hawks says:

    How very sad, for the family of this son. He chose a. life of crime; his Dad is a Police Chief.
    I suppose he didn’t want to face him, nor go to prison, and took his life. Condolences and Prayers. 🙏🧡🙏

  7. M Chapman says:

    Saves us a trial. My prayers for his family and the victims.

  8. Ann Cain says:

    My heart goes out to Mayor Drake and his wife, in addition to their entire family. This is a tragic time in their lives and I hope they’re given the time and privacy to recover. God bless them all and God rest this errant son’s tortured soul.

  9. mermaid luv says:

    Imagine growing up with every opportunity and turning out like this poor parents

  10. Marcia Young says:

    My condolences for Chef Drake and his family 🙏 this cannot be easy 😢… It doesn’t matter what our children do it’s never easy we still feel the pain 😢.

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