GloRilla, Cardi B – Tomorrow 2 (Live From The 2022 American Music Awards)

GloRilla, Cardi B – Tomorrow 2 (Live From The 2022 American Music Awards)

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26 Responses

  1. JessiCanCreate says:

    The fact that her stage presence is so strong so early in her career is so telling. New to this, but TRUE to this. Rooting for Glo so hard! 🔥🔥

  2. Brandy Stanback says:

    I love how she’s just so comfortable in her element and Cardi is so lovable I love how she reaches out to the new grlz and works with them I’m so rooting for Glo to win

  3. C.H.P. Inc says:

    The staging, production, energy, charisma, choreo, stage presence. I see you Gloria. 😌👌🏿

    • Nalid says:

      Herpes b performance, as i expected they would b running after the beat 💀 cheap coreo & recited lyrics , the bar is really low .. 🥱

  4. Vintricity says:

    The fact glorilla was able to pull of one her first live performances at the AMAs alongside cardi b astonishes me. You guys did amazing

  5. Kenna says:

    Put in years of work to get where she’s at, never stopped betting on herself. That’s ill ass fuck! As an underground artist, I love seeing success stories like Glorilla. She gives me constant encouragement and belief in myself and what I’m trying to make. So happy for you Glorilla, you deserve this so much. Thank you for your consistency and tenacity🔥❤️

  6. BardiGang says:

    One thing about Cardi is she’s gonna support the upcoming female rappers 🥰 They Killed this performance!! 🔥

    • Just a Barb says:

      @Keke Phillips False. A tweet on Twitter was displayed showing Nicki Minaj giving Cardi B genuine flowers I believe after Cardi Got her Grammy. This whole sentence is wrong. Nicki Minaj had her first verse wrote & The Men which were the Migos told Cardi This was a diss and Atlantic Records had her rewrite her verse.

      ”If Cardi the QB, I’m Nicki Lombardi.” – Was Nicki Minaj’s Original Verse. This was Not Shade. Nicki Minaj was simply saying Since Cardi B is new in the game, Nicki Minaj was the coach to help her get through this Man filled industry. The Men which were the Migos straightforwardly split these women in half like all men do with women in the music industry. There’s no such thing as #ProtectBlackWoman when it comes to Black Rappers. Cardi B was brainwashed.. by liars.

    • Killua Gaming says:

      @denimso Nicki has done ft with many female rappers bia,jt,akbar and cardi lmao bffr

    • L Obi says:

      @unknown lmaoo what? I only found out about Latto because Cardi put her in the WAP video

    • Keke Phillips says:

      @Invisible She did that for Migos, not Cardi. Lmao…She supported Cardi so much that after she heard Cardi verse, she went back & rewrote hers to try to shit on Cardi & she was not low…💯🤦🏽‍♀️😂

    • Keke Phillips says:

      @Apeape Evans Like ur fave…Wat she say to Latto? She usually wait until an artist has a real hit…Cut the BS! 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣

  7. Alexandria Stylez says:

    Literally got emotional seeing this. I’m so happy for them. Also Cardi because the industry been making her out to be the bad guy to for her to find someone in the industry she actually can connect with and you see it genuine and you can see them happy I love it for both of them can’t wait to see what else in storage for them🥰

  8. b jor says:

    Big Glo catapulted her way from Frayser all the way to the American music awards. So proud of her and happy for her success Let’s Goooo!🔥💯👋

  9. flytjsosweet says:

    I love this performance them two’s chemistry is great and Glo is a breath of fresh air. Ps I’m glad Cardi showed up for Glo with everything going on in her family she still showed up and gave Glo some of her best God bless Cardi.

  10. emily burney says:

    Glorilla absolutely is bringing some of the hard-hitting aggressive female rap back and I’m here for it, def reminds me of Cardi’s GBMV2, perfect pairing!

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