God of War Ragnarök – Collector’s and Jötnar Editions Official Unboxing Video | PS5 & PS4 Games

God of War Ragnarök – Collector’s and Jötnar Editions Official Unboxing Video | PS5 & PS4 Games

Santa Monica Studio Art Director Rafael Grassetti and Ryan Hurst, the motion capture and voice actor of Thor, unbox the Collector’s and Jötnar Editions. Watch as they share both insight and experiences from the team’s journey of putting together these unmissable, limited-edition collector’s items.

Consider this your very own sneak peek!

God of War Ragnarök launches on 11.09.2022.

Find out more: https://play.st/GOWR

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35 Responses

  1. Heltic says:

    Its crazy to think *Ryan Hurst* normal voice actually sounds like that, casually🤯. Cant wait to play 🔥

  2. xPoemi says:

    Casting the real life Thor as Thor just makes sense.

  3. O Meu Canal de Games says:

    Beautiful! Ragnarok is coming and i am prepared!!!

  4. PastelGuts says:

    His “yesss,, YESSSSS” when he unveiled Mjolnir was so funny, always want that in a Thor actor

  5. RogersBase says:

    Thor’s voice is perfect, lol

  6. Karl Rock says:

    03:41 A lot of effort went into that Jotnar edition 😍

    • Exvalos says:

      @Andy did you beat the last game or you just come here to hate

    • Ragnar Odinson says:

      @Itz_Tipzy They dont need to change a lot, only 3 years have passed in game. We will definitely get to use Mjolnir. As they say, if its not broke, dont fix it

    • CornTater83 says:

      I wish you got both dice sets

    • Metal Mach1ne says:

      Am getting it bany

    • DBFZATO-1 says:

      @SpikeTheWolf cuz people will buy it apparently, I get if you have a digital console but alot have physical for a reason. Seems backwards to sell the premium edition of a game to the people that wasn’t willing to buy a premium console lol

      And not to mention how collectors editions work for resale is no way you can resell it once you have claimed the code not as a full collection anyway kinda pointless imo

      They should at least offer both options

  7. Alan Costa says:

    Rafael Grasseti é um dos mais talentosos profissionais da atualidade na parte artística. Seus últimos trabalhos são incríveis. É ótimo ver alguém do Brasil fazendo sucesso e participando de grandes produções como essa. Todo sucesso para o pessoal da Santa Monica.

  8. Kaleb Cross says:

    I’ve never got a collectors addition before but…I NEED THIS!

  9. João Victor Araújo says:

    O Brasil tem orgulho desse profissional , trabalhar com a arte desse jogo deve ser muito incrível .

  10. Luis Arkham says:

    No physical disc in a collector edition is absolutely outrageous, you should be able to choose code (for digital only ps5’s) or physical disc

    • JD Phillips says:

      The steele book has the discs buve. they are on both edittions. You just dont have to ever break it out if you got the digital code tho

    • The Alien_Ali says:

      These editions are designed for the digital ps5, because that console can’t actually read discs. So they removed the actual disc so the digital ps5 owners can buy these editions. If these editions had a physical copy of the game then digital owners wouldn’t buy them, this gives options to both disc based and digital console users

    • Ryan Bell says:

      It’s a glorified cd key. Most games don’t have the full game data on the disc anymore. Who cares. Get a blank disc and print some art on it. You’ll never look at it outside of sitting in the case as itll be in the console disc drive unless your some weirdo that stares at discs.

    • CarpetFresh says:

      right it’s absolutely crazy. video game collectors like to collect physical games and this is a collectors edition for GAME COLLECTORS

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