Gojo VS Makima (Jujutsu Kaisen VS Chainsaw Man) | DEATH BATTLE!

Gojo VS Makima (Jujutsu Kaisen VS Chainsaw Man) | DEATH BATTLE!

Who will win this cursed match-up?

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41 Responses

  1. beyhero anims says:

    The fact that both fandoms had come together and hope that one person would lose is amazing.

  2. Xertiq says:

    Gianni and Kelsey’s performance as both Gojo and Makima respectively were both wonderful and chilling!

  3. Crows_are_superior says:

    Makima’s key failure here was that she NEEDED to show her dominance. She couldn’t just kill Gojo with finger guns, which she had the ability too, she had to show, even just to herself, that she could control ANYONE

    • ofcrgry says:

      yeah this made her look a bit out of character

    • Joseph Martin says:

      @ofcrgrythat’s pretty in character. Makima would be much more likely to think she had fatally wounded him and go for control than to play it safe and finish him off. After all, she kept trying to subdue and control chainsaw man even after stating “this looks unwinnable”

    • o p says:

      She can’t control anyone, that’s not her ability

    • Joseph Martin says:

      @o p they meant that she wanted to prove it to everyone including herself that she could, not that that’s her ability

    • Double Helix says:

      “Should’ve gone for the head” – purple Michael Jackson on steroids

  4. Joshua Mohlman says:

    Yo, Gianni killed it as Gojo this episode. Nicely done 👏

  5. E Evv says:

    The fact that Kaiji Tang (Gojo’s official dub VA) gave his approval of this episode shows how good this episode is. Gianni’s Gojo was amazing in this episode and i’m pretty sure he made Kaiji proud.

  6. Nick1wasd says:

    A little thing left out, Makima is not only “control” but also “conquest” (it’s the same root word in japanese) and the thing she’s saying the world would be “better without” are, in fact… *The other Horsemen of the Apocalypse, HER SISTERS!*

    Also, obligatory “Halloween, Halloween, HALLOWEEN” for entering Infinite Void.

  7. sulpher bratigh says:

    Making domain expansion half-bypass her contract is definitely a brave move but I respect it

    • Nakamaz says:

      It didn’t really bypass anything, her brain was just flooded with infinite amounts of information

    • YuYu says:

      “Brave move” Yeah by killing the generally more hated character and making the popular guy win. They are so cowardly that they even Contradicted themselves in order to make Gojo win


      I mean it’s infinite knowledge, no matter how many people she has as extra lives, the information is gonna get at her

    • LaSignoraswife says:

      Also makimas ability only affects one person, kishibe even states this himself he says that people are dying one by one while they were waiting for denji to finish eating her chapter 96

      That means she should’ve been able to bypass the domain

    • MD Systems says:

      @YuYu tbf, they made a special setting in this episode to buff Makima specifically. That was already a bold move, including Gojo as a citizen of the same Japan as Makima already gives her a random wincon

  8. Soepstengel2000 says:

    Unpopular take perhaps, but I stand by the notion that this would result in a stalemate. Gojo will never submit to anyone, and although Makima considers all humans beneath her she likely can never control him; his ego is too big, much in the same way that Kishibe is able to avoid Makima’s control by calling her out on her BS, so too will Gojo just laugh at her. On the other hand, Makima at the end controls so much weird hax that she can put up a hell of a fight and has the contract with the Japanese PM to shrug off Gojo’s nukes. Gojo has clearly been shown not wanting to kill innocents to clear the objective, so even if he can somehow wear down the entire population of Japan then he just wouldn’t. Simultaneously, Makima probably does not have the raw firepower and exact type of hax required to consistently overshoot Gojo’s infinity barrier BS. I also don’t buy into the mind-fuckery effect of Infinite Void taking Makima down, except in that she might learn the futility of what she’s doing and just kinda leaves. There’s a devil who pulls a similar move and Makima is completely unthreatened by it. The result is that you have two people who cannot kill one another and who really, truly hate each other to the bone.

    • LaBradford Jackson says:

      Yea, something similar has come up in at least one other death battle, with two characters who literally can’t be killed, don’t remember which now. But they’ve acknowledged before that they decided a while ago that if they do these they make themselves commit to picking a winner. There was one meme death battle where they let a stalemate happen, though. Think that one involved Chuck Norris. I’d think of some fights that are like this as more like them saying “This is who we think would come out on top in a short physical confrontation.” rather than the typical death battle.

    • Mephil says:

      Misrepresenting Gojo’s character here. He isn’t the person he tries to be. Deep down he doesn’t care about regular humans at all. As they say in the manga, Gojo is “capable of cold logic”. If he had to kill everyone to exorcise Makima, he definitely would and he would make the decision in less than a fraction of a second.

    • Goldfish877 says:

      You’re right about it being a stalemate in the sense if they had a crossover, but the point of death battle is more so as they say considering all possibilities or outcomes that could exist, even alot of the times bypassing character traits, as its more about comparing raw skill, power and feats. Which means unless the combatants were literally just the same person fighting each other, it would never be a stalemate under those conditions. So like, out of a million first time battles, the final result likely wouldn’t be 500,000 wins each.

  9. ayg dre says:

    For the people confused about hollow purple. Purple erases everything in its path. Its not where it touches one part of something and the whole thing is erased. It only erases what it directly touches or comes into contact with which is probably y toji was turned into the letter C

  10. Y&YPhases says:

    Not gonna lie, coming into this Death Battle, I was expecting for Gojo to lose, and was even bracing myself for it considering how much hax Makima has. But this is, without the doubt the most happy and shocked I had ever been in a Death Battle. Huge thanks to Jogo for giving Gojo the power feat with the meteor, and I really think that Gojo deserves some win after what happened in the manga

    • John Smith says:

      Even Sukuna thought Jogo was strong and we know how busted Sukuna is

    • Darma Dear says:

      This is the morst ridiculous death battle,Makima cannot die because all damage is redirected into a random Japanese person
      If Gojo were to kill all Japanese citizens (out of character), he would also be killed because, well, he is Japanese

    • ofcrgry says:

      @Darma Dear Unlimited Void already ate through all the extra lives.

    • John Smith says:

      @Darma Dear Her healing is applied retrocatively which means if purple hits her then it’s already too late to heal since there’s nothing for her to regenerate from. That’d count as only 1 life.
      When she gets shot in the head with a gun she dies and then comes back to life afterwards once the damage is redirected.
      Even if the damage from purple was redirected it wouldn’t mean anything since he entire body is already gone.

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