Guy Rescues An Egg And Becomes A Swan Dad For Life | The Dodo

Guy Rescues An Egg And Becomes A Swan Dad For Life | The Dodo

Guy rescues a tiny, cracked egg and becomes Dad to a swan who follows him everywhere — even to help with holiday shopping ❤️

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For the love of animals. Pass it on.
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32 Responses

  1. @claudiadornelles6731 says:


  2. @amyparra712 says:

    Growing up my dad rescued an injured😢 black swan from the holding pond next to our home. She was beautiful and graceful and had a wonderful bond with my whole family. Loved watching this story !

  3. @joanacastro3182 says:

    Muchísimas gracias, eres una GRAN Y ESCASÍSIMA PERSONA, en este planeta inmundo.

    • @ruby7376 says:

      😅 the filth is in the people, many of us hold to the Creator🙏🏿 love the video

    • @luisacuevas7295 says:

      Recuerda que somo la crecion de Jehova al igual que los animales en diferencia que a nosotros nos dio el regalo del libre albeldrio que muchos desperdician de decidir que clases de perdonas queremos ser verdad?Y ese es decidir imitar las cualidades del nuestro creador en un mundo como tu dices.❤

    • @Acts16-31 says:


  4. @cm9439 says:

    Pure love ❤. What a gorgeous friendship. Thank you, Rigo and Toto.

  5. @vexmyth0clast says:

    When we bond with animals and earn their love and trust in this way it’s really a beautiful feeling. My boy cat Loki treats me this way and I’ll always cherish him.

  6. @Ioassdc says:

    I believe when swans move their face from left to right like hes done multiple times throughout this video they are showing affection.

    • @andreamckenzie8598 says:

      Yeah, that’s how they greet their lifemates ❤ I don’t think Toto thinks he’s his life mate but the bond is just as strong❤

    • @ineshvaladolenc6559 says:

      It’s how they court mates, actually.

    • @konradbauer685 says:

      @@ineshvaladolenc6559 if he had grown up with other swans you would be 100% right but the fact he grew up as an orphan with his dad he is now showing affection in the way his instincts & intuition guide him he only knows his dad and for him, he is everything in time I hope he will find a partner and have his own offspring that would be the cherry on top

    • @rachellang2287 says:


    • @_Hollie_ says:

      @@andreamckenzie8598exactly, i think that theres also a possibility that the the bird sanctuary/park he was relocated to doesnt have any other swans or available life mates. So his dad is taking him out and hanging out with him so that he doesnt feel lonely being the only one there. It’s definitely very nice and cute but also a little sad, im glad his dad is doing all he can to give him a fulfilling life though

  7. @qmnnvrdyz8965 says:

    That’s a movie I would see! What an incredible, beautiful story!! ❤❤❤

  8. @lena-Wants-You says:

    *Love is universal and this was a beautiful example of imprinting and the trust.. going shopping, working out, and for coffee* ☕

  9. @Mia-Waiting-For-You says:

    That’s not just pure love, that’s “in love”. The guy’s not the swan’s “daddy” in the swan’s eyes. The swan is treating the human like its lifelong mate. It’s definitely in love. ❤

  10. @carolinebailey5222 says:

    Absolutely Beautiful ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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