Making purple gold

Making purple gold

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A few years ago I stumbled onto something called purple gold and I really wanted to buy a pure purple gold ring. However, I was devastated when I found out that it didn’t exist…so I decided to try and make one myself.

Nile talks about lab safety:

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43 Responses

  1. @NileRed says:

    Your browser is holding you back. Level up with Opera here:

  2. @michaelimbesi2314 says:

    I love how the chemistry in this video isn’t complicated, it’s just Nile learning that casting metal is complex.

    • @vigilantcosmicpenguin8721 says:

      I’m totally down for this arc for Nile. Sometimes he doesn’t need insane chemical recipes to make something exciting.

    • @iankrasnow5383 says:

      Turns out that materials science is pretty different from chemistry and just as complicated. There’s a lot more to making a high performance alloy than just the right mix of elemental metals.

    • @SURok695 says:

      ​@@iankrasnow5383 but material science is partly chemistry. Especially when this is about alloys.

    • @tlawal7 says:

      This video features a lot of manufacturing and material science, two things I did in mechanical engineering. I did very little chemistry in it

    • @theperfectionist1607 says:

      @@SURok695 Mainly engineering though

  3. @Nighthawkinlight says:

    Excellent video. I’m curious if dissolving the aluminum out of the alloy created a gold sponge? Could be interesting to try with alloys of other metals.

    • @Coltgov191145 says:

      Sand paper is almost entirely composed of ALUMINUM OXIDE thats why when welding aluminum you must use absolutely clean stainless wire brushes and special aluminum grinding and sanding wheels to prevent the oxides from embedding into the aluminum and ruining the weld puddle thats why sanding it returned it to silver its reacting with the aluminum oxide in the sand paper and coating the freshly sanded AU/AL and creating an alu oxide layer which is gray/silver in color

    • @guneetsingh5028 says:

      @@Coltgov191145 that actually makes sense

  4. @LLazorD says:

    I worked in a Aluminum foundry. For degassing the metal the graphite rod had to be spinning with teeth at end to “chop up” the argon to grab more hydrogen. We also added strontium (less than 2%) to the parts stronger

  5. @4RILDIGITAL says:

    What an insightful video. You’ve demonstrated that even with a difficult, seemingly impossible task, a methodical approach can lead to success. This was a fascinating journey of making purple gold from scratch.

  6. @titaniummechanism3214 says:

    When I saw the finished ring, I felt genuinely relieved. The struggle was definitely worthwile, even though the material worth might not be as high, the amount of effort involved makes such a ring way more special than any store-bought one, no matter the price!

  7. @nickbob2003 says:

    The fact that this whole hour video in narrated after the fact shows how much time and effort you put in to making high quality content. Most YouTubers just explain what they are doing as they go which definitely works really great for some YouTubers but your style allows you to explain everything concisely and in the exact order you think is best with the benefit of hindsight.

  8. @BaroqueBach. says:

    “Im not usually into jewellery”

    *Nile casually making himself grillz a few months ago*

  9. @Frank-xn9we says:

    An absolute joy to watch, Nile. I did my PhD in intermetallic aluminium compunds and used AuAl2 as precursor or accidentally got it as side reaction products 😢 nonetheless, there are several coloured intermetallic aluminium phases. PtAl2 (yellowish) and NiAl(2?) (blueish) are some of them. During my studies I used an arc melter (wig) and an inert atmosphere (argon) to prepare AuAl2 ingots for earrings – fun Times 😊

  10. @akshatjain2012 says:

    7:48 was also included in the shorts which nigel uploaded about 2 years ago and i am amazed that he recorded this 2 years ago and uploading it now on its main channel
    btw thanks nile red for turning anything to everything

    • @NGNetwork1 says:

      holy crap I knew I recognized that clip. That either means he’s been sitting on it for 2 years, or it took him 2 years to actually finish it (which let’s be honest wouldn’t shock me, cause I know some things can be a tad difficult)

    • @levelzero8445 says:

      He might have just taken an older clip he already had and thrown it into the editing of this vid because the joke fit.

    • @yar699 says:

      probably and old clip because that could fit many solutions that are yellow in colour
      he could’ve also worked with gold in this way before like when he made those gold bars

    • @kindlin says:

      @@yar699 The joke only works cuz gold is expensive, but yes, it’s probably from one of his first gold related videos, of which I think there have been a few, tho I don’t quite remember.

    • @yar699 says:

      @@kindlin the other variation I had in mind was if he had a dangerous acid or other hazardous solution that he drops

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