Halle Bailey – Performs “Part of Your World” at Disneyland

Halle Bailey – Performs “Part of Your World” at Disneyland

“Part of Your World”
Performed by Halle Bailey
From Disney’s The Little Mermaid
Soundtrack available May 19

Film in theaters May 26: https://www.fandango.com/the-little-mermaid-2023-228960/movie-overview

“The Little Mermaid,” visionary filmmaker Rob Marshall’s live-action reimagining of the studio’s Oscar®-winning animated musical classic, opens exclusively in theaters nationwide May 26, 2023. “The Little Mermaid” is the beloved story of Ariel, a beautiful and spirited young mermaid with a thirst for adventure. The youngest of King Triton’s daughters and the most defiant, Ariel longs to find out more about the world beyond the sea and, while visiting the surface, falls for the dashing Prince Eric. While mermaids are forbidden to interact with humans, Ariel must follow her heart. She makes a deal with the evil sea witch, Ursula, which gives her a chance to experience life on land but ultimately places her life – and her father’s crown – in jeopardy.

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Music video by Halle Bailey performing Performs “Part of Your World” at Disneyland. © 2023 Walt Disney Records


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26 Responses

  1. Crimson Customer says:

    I can’t believe she achieved the same high notes like in the recorded version. Amazing singer.

    • Paul Darling says:

      This honestly feels like a lip sync video. her voice in this video is the EXACT same as the studio version. I could be wrong but idk its identical.

    • Paul Darling says:

      The “free part” and the laugh right after is exactly the same, the high notes aswell. I just think she was lip syncing which is okay. just decieving

    • Briarmoon says:

      @Paul Darling it’s definitely not, and the audio isnt exactly the same, she’s just that good of a singer!

    • Lug chug says:

      @Paul Darling It’s not the same, I can hear the differences very clearly 😶.. shes js a rlly good singer

    • The Host says:

      @Paul Darling the audio isnt the same. she is a talented live performer, its just rare and harder to believe these days. shes the real deal

  2. Lorrane Oliveira says:

    O talento da Halle é incrível, que ela conseguiu alcançar essas notas na música. Isso prova que ela é a escolha certa para o papel da Ariel nesse remake 🇧🇷

  3. Deborah Tulloch says:

    This performance was out of this world. Made me cry just like the recording. I’m so very proud of Halle. Wishing her the best!

  4. pluto bear says:

    Everyone’s being so positive and kind in the comments, this warms my heart. She deserves this and more

  5. Jessica says:

    Her voice is amazing and she also nails the speaking parts, she really gets across the innocence and wonder of Ariel. This is the best version of this song I’ve ever heard

  6. Carlos Millán Castillo says:

    You can say whatever you want, but she can sing so perfectly and embodies the spirit of Ariel in the song that really makes her the perfect Ariel.

    • Christian Riley says:

      Exactly like Bob and Jodi said no body can’t reached or matched Jodi vocal then Halle. It’s not Halle fault that Monna and Ariel failed the auditions. And million other white girls. They literally said it was the longest audition ever. Not one can match or surpassed Jodi . But they can never forget the first audition. Which was Halle. Jodi also said she’d cried others was shocked.

    • Shay Tee says:

      Yasss absolutely! 🥰🥰

  7. Isaak Antunez says:

    No puedo evitar emocionarme hasta las lagrimas cada vez que la escucho. Ni siquiera soy muy fan de la Sirenita, pero su voz tiene ese poder de conmover a cualquiera. 🥺♥️

  8. Flores Amor says:

    So magical. She sounds even better live than the studio. I’m so amazed. I can’t wait for the movie

  9. R J says:

    She brings Ariel’s character to another level

  10. Mars Coven says:

    I’m usually against remakes and retellings, but this girl makes up for everything, what a discovery she’s been! I have the song on repeat and can’t wait to watch the movie 💖

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