Hands-on with Gemini: Interacting with multimodal AI

Hands-on with Gemini: Interacting with multimodal AI

Gemini is our natively multimodal AI model capable of reasoning across text, images, audio, video and code. This video highlights some of our favorite interactions with Gemini. Learn more and try the model: https://deepmind.google/gemini

Explore our prompting approaches here: https://goo.gle/how-its-made-gemini

For the purposes of this demo, latency has been reduced and Gemini outputs have been shortened for brevity.

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0:00 Intro
0:19 Multimodal Dialogue
1:32 Multilinguality
2:04 Game Creation
2:31 Visual Puzzles
3:17 Making Connections
3:39 Image & Text Generation
4:06 Logic & Spatial Reasoning
4:55 Translating Visuals
5:27 Cultural Understanding

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34 Responses

  1. @dpsdps01 says:

    Absolutely mindblowing. The amount of understanding the model exhibits here is way way beyond anything else.

    • @NeuroScientician says:

      It’s staged.

    • @gerardojg says:

      I agree but I wouldn’t describe it as “understanding”. Identification and cognitively identify possibilities with given data. It is very impressive!

    • @cajbajthewhite4889 says:

      @@NeuroScientician I’ve gotten GPT-4 V to play tabletop wargames with me and it had decent strategy, and to read my poor quality sketches. If Gemini Ultra succeeds at the benchmarks they claim it does and is built with native multimodality, there’s no reason to believe that the video is staged beyond the fact that they’ve sped up the responses a bit (which is shown in text at the beginning).

    • @goturmatau says:

      @@NeuroScientician It’s surely rehearsed, but don’t underestimate the power of the LLM.

    • @Google says:

      Thrilled to hear you think so! Enjoy using Bard with Gemini Pro ✨

  2. @ChrisBrooksbank says:

    Im glad to see Google back in the game, this looks next level.

  3. @phils2967 says:

    This is impressive, the applications in surveillance are scary to think about

    • @ponternal says:

      This technology combined with biometrics will be scary. Right now we are lucky CCTV footage is low quality but it will be like China soon.

    • @cagnazzo82 says:

      ​@@ponternalImagine combining this with an aerial surveillance drone.
      Utopia and dystopia has never felt so close 🤔

  4. @BECHEEKHA says:

    Very impressive. Want to try it.

    • @LaureanoSantander says:

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    • @JenReynolds880 says:

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    • @Leonmellingen says:

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    • @johnikemefuna122 says:

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  5. @imqwerty5171 says:

    Impressive. Waiting for Microsoft and OpenAI to play their move ⏳

    • @ahtoshkaa says:

      GPT-5 in half a year that will make all of this look like child’s play

    • @rubarion3650 says:

      @@ahtoshkaa bro I have some knowledge regarding how GPT and other AI models in use today, work under the hood and I can tell you that the technology behind this google demo video is nothing like GPT models etc. This is Terminator/Matrix kind of stuff🙃🙃

    • @MM_Legacy says:

      Tests show the current Gemini version is somewhere between GPT 3.5 and 4.

    • @amdrewhairus says:

      @@rubarion3650why are you acting like that’s special knowledge, plenty of people understand how they work

  6. @EricaCalman says:

    Even knowing this was a curated and controlled test it’s as impressive as it is worrying.

  7. @mayankmittal9900 says:

    Taking AI to next level collaboration

  8. @Isaac-oe2xo says:

    It would be great that, as it generates images and audio on the go, it also could generate docs, sheets, slides and even give you some folders with elements inside, maybe in a zipped folder. I dunno, the posibilities are inspiring. When will this model be avaible to the public? It could turn into my principal AI tool!

  9. @technophile_ says:

    Mind Blown 🤯 Kudos to every single developer who worked on this! You are amazing!

  10. @Inter-Dimensions_Studios says:

    I have always thought Google has the best chance to take generative A.I. to a super level.

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