WATCH: Tesla’s CyberTruck Delivery Event – LIVE

WATCH: Tesla’s CyberTruck Delivery Event – LIVE

Tune in on Thursday, November 30 when Tesla CEO Elon Musk delivers the first Cybertruck to customers in Austin, TX.

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38 Responses

  1. @dirtyharry2534 says:

    Was kinda cool we got to see actual owners receive delivery.

  2. @phototristan says:

    I really hope they can deliver these enmass. I want to see them actually being used as trucks and not just like a status symbol for techies.

  3. @TheRealLink says:

    Can’t wait to see one in person some time! What a presentation! Congrats to the early delivery owners!

    • @Beer_Dad1975 says:

      I could barely tell what was going on, it was so dark. The slowly thrown baseball not breaking the window like it wouldn’t break the window on any other car built since 1960 was funny though.

    • @mikewilliams5803 says:

      @@Beer_Dad1975what a troll 😂

    • @devengudinas1649 says:

      I’ve seen 3 already 🤷🏼

    • @Beer_Dad1975 says:

      @@pancaked7777777 Did you just actually threaten my kids & my wife because I don’t like a tech-bro billionaire snake oil salesman and his junky consumable products? Dude, examine your life! It’s OK to have different opinions – let’s not make it personal!

  4. @sbbillusionist says:

    Elon Musk opening the door of your car in front of millions is INSANE!

  5. @simplerway489 says:

    Congrats Tesla. This is an amazing milestone.

  6. @panchovisa says:

    You don’t know how long I have been waiting for an arrow-proof truck with baseball resistant glass. God bless you Elon.

  7. @vantmaj says:

    That’s a pretty cool event. Hope this venture pays out for most investors.

  8. @rastersplatter says:

    I like that he handed off the new ones to the owners personally. Cool!

  9. @pozzac says:

    I was awaiting this moment for a while! The Cyber truck well worth the wait! Thanks Elon! Congratulations to the entire Tesla Truck, Cyber Truck Team for making this happen!

    • @b-rare says:

      Weren’t they like 5 years late? I still don’t believe they have them in mass ready for release for everyone who pre ordered

    • @Beer_Dad1975 says:

      Can’t wait to see this roasted in reviews – it’s a POS.

    • @pancaked7777777 says:

      @@Beer_Dad1975 how mad are you in every comment possible malding and seething and gooning to elon lol, just cuz you hate him and tesla or what??

    • @Beer_Dad1975 says:

      @@pancaked7777777 I hate liars, hypocrites & cheats – Elon is a liar, a hypocrite and a cheat. Anyhow doesn’t matter what I say – let’s see what Throttle House and Savagegeese think of this thing – if they think it’s amazing, I’ll happily change my mind.

  10. @TinaHooper-hq8lu says:

    Wonderful !!! Very well done and informative. I can’t wait to see one on the road.

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