Happy days

Happy days

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22 Responses

  1. Stats Today says:

    From a bro to a father, Pewds has come in a long way!

  2. albe albe says:

    it’s heartwarming to see pewds thriving. really brings me hope to everything. gotta love the man.

  3. Krimson Hollow says:

    Bruh, all of these peaceful moments being showcased makes me think you’ve got the most chill baby in the world 😂 much love from a fellow new father to you and your happy family 👊

  4. Silver says:

    I never thought I’d be watching this guy go from playing games to doing family/life vlogs, and I’m here for it. Very wholesome indeed.

  5. Megan Renee says:

    Björn is so adorable. He’s such a happy lil mans. I’m so happy for you and Marzia, you deserve every happiness

  6. MovieGasm.com says:

    That baby looks just like me. Felix*. – children are a blessing. It starts getting fun around 3-5 years old.

  7. Mistery Boi says:

    I’m happy for you. Thanks for raising millions of us.

  8. 💘TAP BELOW👇 says:

    This is the most heartwarming content on the site, I could just sit here and watch it forever

  9. David says:

    First started watching you almost a decade ago,. been off YouTube for the last 3 years and its so dope seeing you genuinely happy. You are an OG of youtube and you deserve to make the content you resonate with. I wish you and your family A long Happy Life Felix

  10. Guhrizzlybaire says:

    These videos warm my heart so much. I love the age Bjorn is, when they start talking so much and are very lively and adorable when taking everything in. My daughter is almost 5, so I wasn’t a parent yet when I started watching pewds and it just makes me so happy you are experiencing this.

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