Have a Bootleg Gaming Christmas! – Scott The Woz

Have a Bootleg Gaming Christmas! – Scott The Woz

Scott doesn’t know what day it is, so it’s the perfect time to celebrate Christmas. Happy Holidays!

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ScottTheWoz/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/scottthewoz/

Logo Design by
Nico Vliek (https://twitter.com/WhaddupNico)

Original Music by
The 8-Bit Big Band (@The8BitBigBand )
Garrett Williamson (@gwillymusic )
Chapman “Chipper” Hammond (https://www.chapmanhammondmusic.com)

Animation by
Adie Valavanis (https://linktr.ee/adie)
SmashToons (https://twitter.com/TheSmashToons)
CJDestroyah (https://twitter.com/calebharris496)
Addison Fujimoto (https://twitter.com/Addiefuj)
JumpNJetz (https://twitter.com/JumpNJetz)
Spencer G (https://twitter.com/artsyspencerg)
Violet Schofield (https://twitter.com/violxiv)

Music Used:
Coming Soon

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26 Responses

  1. @The8BitBigBand says:

    Thanks so much Scott for having us on “Next Best Thing”!! Happy to co-write Xmas music with you anytime 🙂

  2. @mooseofgames says:

    The influence that Vinny and Joel have on Generation Z is boundless.

  3. @profc3027 says:

    The fact that there’s a bootleg Scott each time and each in a different artstyle speaks volumes to how far he has come. Man, I love this stuff!

  4. @leifericsonlegit says:

    a christmas special? on time? We haven’t had such a privilege in years

  5. @rapmoreno3967 says:

    It’s official: Scott has had a Grammy Award-winning band on his show. This is insane. Next Best Thing, plus covers of Why Don’t You Play Them and the new end theme??? I’m actually in awe

  6. @TAPE_W0RM says:

    Scott… somehow afforded an entire orchestra.

    This man has no bounds.

  7. @Gabri_Lovecraft says:

    With his latest musical number, Scott has fully transitioned into a human Muppet. So proud of him.

  8. @adp3376 says:

    man it was really messed up of Scott to break all of his GRAND DAD’s stuff just because his calendar broke
    on a serious note, glad to see Scott’s own beautiful take on the bootleg plug-and-plague phenomenon. Always love to see Circus Charlie get its well-deserved respect.

  9. @rae_d8209 says:

    Can we appreciate that he didn’t just credit the band, but each person in it and their respective parts 🙏

  10. @janettplanett says:

    i cant believe he hired the entire 8 bit big band for the song IM CRYING ITS SO GOOD

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