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33 Responses

  1. maekoh says:

    Mabu went crazy on this one, Ion even know why people hate him. Bro has some of the most creative bars in drill rn.

  2. Lil Smurf says:

    Mabu actually on another level and he’s got a funny ass personality… I could see him being on top of the rap game in a few years. Putting DRILL ON THE MAP

    • Lil Smurf says:

      @TVTES not saying #1 but the kid has serious star talent along with some pretty creative bars and he’s really a marketing genius

    • TVTES says:

      Mmm on top of the rap game? That’s That’s reach, he is talented though don’t get me wrong

    • Chris Palmer says:

      The uk already but drill on the map my guy

  3. texted says:

    Beat hittin harder then a drunk stepdad

  4. Keivis says:

    He wasn’t dissing Virgil, he was talking about Abloh like a reference to his name.

    • Heisdaniel44 says:

      ​@maekoh “I call her virgil cos the way she blohing me got me dead” as in ABLOH-BLOHING,that’s what he’s tryna say,it’s not a diss

    • maekoh says:

      I’m assuming he meant for it to be a double meaning

  5. Dillon Barry says:

    To explain the Virgil bar, Virgil’s last name is Abloh, “call her Virgil cause the way she be “Ablohing” s*it got me dead” crazy line but gotta admit that’s a hard bar!! Rip Virgil!!

  6. Martijn Westra says:

    The fact that Shaq rewinded this song 50 times says it all, Mabu a genius 😤‼️

  7. Moody says:

    really needed your energy today brother 💯🙏🏽

  8. Smxkeify says:

    Bro the part of loving police made me laugh because he fed into the trolls lol, and the ock reference was crazy fire 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Romeo says:

    I’ve been watching this guy for years and he’s only the person that can react to a 1m video and make it into a 10m vid

  10. Government Name Unknown says:

    When I first heard this, the beat caught me by surprise. Made me jump 😂

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