Help My Out Of Control 14-Year-Old Sister! | KARAMO

Help My Out Of Control 14-Year-Old Sister! | KARAMO

Eric wants his 14-year-old sister, Melanie, to start acting her age. Eric claims his sister has been arrested 4 times, smokes marijuana, and stays out all night. Melanie feels that her behavior isn’t reckless and thinks her older brother is just being over protective. Will Karamo help this out-of-control teen?



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29 Responses

  1. Maurice Snell says:

    Melanie needs that love that her parents never gave her. Hopefully she turns her life around and make better decisions in her life. Kudos to Erickson for being the protector for his younger sister.

  2. Celii says:

    The grown women in the audience trying to argue/belittle this young girl before they even know what she’s going thru? It’s embarrassing honestly. I hope Melanie keeps her head on right. With her attitude she could achieve great things!

  3. Calvin Smith says:

    She came out angry because she felt that type of energy from the crowd but notice how calm she was when karamo just let her talk and say what she gotta say with no judgement this young lady got a story to tell and she just want someone to listen and not judge her in the process

  4. Danielle Murphy says:

    The way her attitude changed.From Karamo having to ask her to hug him with both arms at the beginning to her basically jumping into his arms with a big smile at the end.she finally felt understood. Good Job Karamo

  5. Malika says:

    I got tears in my eyes. Sis needs a huge hug and kind people around her

  6. Chrissy’s LifeTv says:

    For people saying being raped isn’t serious or can change someone .. yes it can it can change people & make them come sexually active ALOT . It’s a cry for HELP

    • labrea654 says:

      @kiannatheresa _ She need to have a lash removal business. Why don’t black men tell these black females how stupid that shit looks.

    • kiannatheresa _ says:

      @tubester4567 well she did say she wanted to have her own lash business so maybe that will give her a nice jump start you never know 🤷🏾‍♀️

    • Patricia Koroma says:

      Totally agree with you Chrissy. Rape/sexual abuse destroy individuals lifes.

    • tubester4567 says:

      I think she already has too much freedom. The last thing she needs is “more internet followers”.

    • leilani says:

      rape and sexual assault can absolutely turn into hypersexuality as a coping mechanism. your power is taken from you so you turn promiscuous to take that power back. it’s heartbreaking and can be very damaging

  7. jlnails family says:

    I so love Karamo!! Babygirl definitely needed that hug 🤗🤗!! Never judge a book by its cover you never know what someone’s going through deep down inside!!🙌🏾🥰 Jlnails family here 😍

  8. Adarion Johnson says:

    I just love how she opened and understood what she was doing wrong that last hug she felt understood finally the first hug u can tell she ain’t just trust it bc she prolly didnt know if he was gaining to drill her judge her and he didn’t she just need love and support I see a bright future for her ❤

  9. Mari Anaya says:

    This segment was definitely one of the BEST I’ve seen on your show! Good job reaching this baby because she’s just spinnin! God bless her and her brother with bright, safe futures.

  10. Marlee Knights Nights says:

    I’m so happy that she was honest about her behavior…Melody I’m praying that you turn around and that you don’t become a victim of this cold world and the horrible circumstances that you have encountered

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