Hermitcraft 9: Episode 17 – THE RETURN

Hermitcraft 9: Episode 17 – THE RETURN

Hermitcraft 9: Episode 17 – THE RETURN OF GRUMBOT.. The rift has finally spewed it’s first nostalgia trip.. But something isn’t the same.. Is the multiverse real?

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28 Responses

  1. Joshua King says:

    Grian’s “Remember. We aren’t resisting.” Isn’t to remind us, but himself. And I’m waiting to see how long it actually lasts.

    • Joshplays2020 says:

      you are my king

    • wittyname88 says:

      @ 6:19 Any one else notice the T at the end of N.A.R.? Which made me think of fart because I’m childish… But could also stand for “Not a resistance, technically” See grian, I think the universe has spoken and you have been given the mantle of resistor. 😅

    • Comic Kodi says:

      With this upload schedule, he’s got at least a couple months of not resisting 😂😂

    • Surya Kamal N D says:

      “Not a resistant” ” But a war wager” “Starts war not on the king buy one of the quests 😂” see he’s resisting the king but he didn’t say anything about quests and other stuff to start a war…

    • Ohana Kiddos says:


  2. Max Brogan2008 says:

    Headcanon: grumbot is our grumbot, but he never found out he was in a simulation, so when he came to the season 9 prime timeline, where ren is “mayor”. He also upgraded himself during season 8.

    • Unknown Weirdo says:

      @A goose with internet access and a beatbox 💀💀

    • A goose with internet access and a beatbox says:

      @Ryan Clinkingbeard Please stop capitalizing every first letter

    • Nyah Senai says:

      Back on season 8, one of the mysterious books Doc and Ren kept finding mentioned Grumbot. It seemed it was involved with what later was revealed to be the simulation. So Grian and Mumbo tricked Grumbot into thinking Mumbo won in season 7; but on season 8 was Grumbot running the whole simulation? Who’s deceiving who? 😱

    • Ryan Clinkingbeard says:

      But Was He Ever In A Simulation If Mumbo Became Mayor. Either Way Great Theory. Also From Epsidoe 7 I’ve Been Predicting Grumbot. I’m So Happy He’s Here

    • Gaming with Lucas says:

      I thought the same thing

  3. INvis_X2 says:

    Grians “Remember, we’re not resisting, we’re just really bad citizens” is so good

  4. bladewing says:

    grian: “we are not going to oppose the king…”
    me: *looks suspiciously*
    grian: “however…”
    me: “there it is”

  5. SuperYoshi64 says:

    At 9:08, Grian says he’s gonna move the stock from the outside of the entity to the outside of the entity. A very chobblesome choice of words.

  6. Gabe Morse says:

    I think the words “confuse” or “convince” have a lot of potential for the 3rd. Also “warden” and “potion” for 1st.

    • Marija Vrđuka Poldrugač says:

      @Sea Sultan Kyogre🇺🇦 i have ideas also but i dont want to type them it would take up a lot

    • Marija Vrđuka Poldrugač says:

      @Sea Sultan Kyogre🇺🇦 i think the Joke Here is you

    • Sea Sultan Kyogre🇺🇦 says:

      @Marija Vrđuka Poldrugač I doubt all, you are just trying to make up for your lack of ideas. Maybe some sure, but I HIGHLY doubt all.

    • Sea Sultan Kyogre🇺🇦 says:

      @Marija Vrđuka Poldrugač Basic ideas aren’t necessarily bad, I chose these as I believe some chaos could be caused with them

  7. helencrw12 says:

    Grian, it’s ok. We don’t mind when your videos come out, we enjoy wat you give us and when they arrive is just a time. We understand that they might not come out in a regular pattern and just wait. Seriously take that pressure off yourself, we understand that you have a life to live. Do whatever you like when you feel like it, we don’t control you 😎

  8. Redstone Chicken says:

    “Are they called Berdingles? Yeah, I think it’s called Berdingles!”
    Grian’s just agreeing with him self again XD

  9. Beanarchy says:

    Good job looking after yourself! It takes a lot of time to pin down the precise solution to a stress problem or something similar. As always, take your time! Also excited to see more Grumbot!

  10. Amber Williams says:

    I’ve been absolutely miserable with allergies/cold/flu all day and this makes me feel a tiny bit better. Thanks Grian

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