New Elden Patch 1.04 Buffs, Nerfs & Changes – Rivers of Blood Stealth Nerf & Colossal Weapons Buffs

New Elden Patch 1.04 Buffs, Nerfs & Changes – Rivers of Blood Stealth Nerf & Colossal Weapons Buffs

The new Elden Ring 1.04 patch just dropped and there are some huge buffs, nerfs and changes! Elden Ring patch notes 1.04 detail buffs to colossal weapons, spells and incantations, and even a stealth nerf to rivers of blood.


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48 Responses

  1. Arekkz Gaming says:

    Apologies, increased cast speed is a TASTY buff. The wording threw me off. Clearly I should have had my morning coffee before reading the patch notes. Basically, mages are happy pandas now! 🐼

    • Graceful Huntress says:

      @Abraham Rodriguez OH thats awesome then, thank you. Ive seen people complaining about it, but i also know how the internet can be

    • Abraham Rodriguez says:

      @Justin Tovar it has been tuned

    • Abraham Rodriguez says:

      @Graceful Huntress it wasn’t a nerf, they fixed it. If you casted the blade on the right hand you’d notice the damage drop. For some reason it would do extra damage only in the offhand. It has been fixed.

    • Justin Tovar says:

      @david gutierrez I meant want nerf river of blood

    • david gutierrez says:

      @Justin Tovar I started as a mage and i can tell you that the changes didnt need to be made… The challange was already there and for them to make it more pvp I can see someone complaining m… But they have certain weapons that use int… So it was not a need…

  2. Talent says:

    Finally we the Colossal Weapon enjoyers getting the respect we deserve !!

    • P.A. Speed says:

      @Yusuf 12009 no armor?? Please son

    • Porker Pete says:

      I’m scared now.

    • seth says:

      @TcgLionHeart your telling me my only problem was in pvp

    • TcgLionHeart says:

      Unpopular opinion. I thought we were already dumby strong. I ran through the whole game with ease with Golem’s Halberd.

    • seth says:

      @Tommy SuhLami lmao what flip it then your opinion is correct lmao my first build was just a unga bunga pure strength build and I melted bosses royal knights resolve with a s-scaling strength weapon power stanced gets you over 2000 damage just using rkr not any other build other than maybe pure mage can do that damage in 1 hit

  3. Requiem 4a Meme says:

    The Colossal Weapon attack speed was needed. Very fun weapons but where they suffered most was in cramped areas against fast moving enemies imo. I was constantly using the running and jumping attack to try and compensate. This should remedy that some.

    • rj vangordon says:

      @Bla Bla I’m actually level 212 so with dual wielding two lightning great swords I hey godric three times and he was dead

    • Cory James says:

      Birds were probably the worst to deal with as a colossal sword user

    • Quick Draw McGraw says:

      @wv11989 The crouch tech is real in this game. Crouch R1 and Jump R2 with the Greatsword carried me all the way to the Consecrated Snowfield before I changed my build (including being invaded every 5 mins trying to Co-op with my homie)

    • Jeffrey Justice says:

      Pure strength Berserk build. Heavy colossal great sword + bloodhound step.

    • Bla Bla says:

      @rj vangordon I love me some lighting I got a lvl16 zeiwhander with lighting it’s my left hand when I duel wield with the godslayers great sword

  4. AscendantStoic says:

    It’s worth mentioning that the “Carian Retaliation” bug/exploit was finally fixed, that was an annoying one, glad it’s gone.

  5. Le Dizzy says:

    Increasing cast SPEED is a buff, increasing cast TIME is a nerf. Every content creator has made this exact same mistake so far XD

    • June Skywalker says:

      And that ladies n gentlemen…is why you keep your kids in school. Its amazing how dumb and lazy society is becoming. Welcome to Idiocracy 😂

    • Uppercuts Hurt says:

      @AscendantStoic can you not read? That’s what he clearly said. Please stay in school and pay attention during reading comprehension.

    • Mk V2 says:

      @Goodkat it is but his vids are soooooo long. dude needs to get to the point quicker…. which is why i like Syrobe instead.

  6. 1rotzy says:

    I personally would have done something different with Rivers, but this patch does allow anyone with higher poise to take a few hits, and then smack the enemy, with not as bad of consequences. Maybe even knock the Blood user out of their animation. I see this as a win.

  7. BLITZ ? says:

    Increased cast speed reads like they made the casting speed faster or decreased the casting time. Basically spells casts faster.

    Also the changes are in the “upwards adjustment” tab meaning only buffs not the “Upwards and Downwards adjustment” which refers to things that have been buffed and nerfed

    • You fool says:

      im surprised given from’s track record of nerfing everything to the ground that so many things actually got buffed instead

    • Kalidenza says:

      @BLITZ ? I am being somewhat sarcastic…just wasn’t sure if Arekkz was just making a mistake, which it seems he has.

    • BLITZ ? says:

      @Kalidenza idk what you mean tbh. Increasing speed means that things moves faster. Do you mean that you think it might be a translation issue and this large sum of spells was nerfed? It also is under the “Upward Adjustments” tab so I think it’s pretty clear cut. Also I don’t see a reason to nerf these spells when a lot of them were already underutilized

    • Kalidenza says:

      Might be a Translation issue, but I hope not cause that is kinda stupid of them….

    • Xero says:

      yup, irritated me hearing him make the constant mistake

  8. SgtDoughnut says:

    increased cast speed = faster casting.

    Increased cast time = slower casting.

  9. Felis Impurrator says:

    Arekkz, my guy. Increased cast speed means it’s faster. All the spells have lower windup if they say that. It’s just buff city for mages.

  10. JayyKellyXIII says:

    I wish they would add a function to favorite weapon and armor pieces so you can quickly get to them without constant dumping in the chest and maybe an option to make loadouts, like 3 or 5 slots that have armor, weapons, arrows, talismans and quick select items already selected so when you suddenly encounter some enemies where your gear isn’t ideal, you can quickly swap out.

    • Pobo says:

      @Hateful Gaming it’s not exploiting it, if you’re fast enough to change mid-fight you definitely can. You can’t dodge for the period of time you’re in the menu, anyways, so there are drawbacks. You’re suggesting we make the game easier for *everyone else* and remove one of the more impressive feats of pvp (hot-swapping) just cause you don’t want to take the time to learn the mechanics of a game. Gtfo

    • Bud_Kleric says:

      @counterweight for swapping mid fight its a game changer

    • Hateful Gaming says:

      @Luke Finley I highly doubt FromSoft made the menu system with the intention for players to exploit it.

    • Luke Finley says:

      @Hateful Gaming exactly why its called a Skill, it requires practice and timing, exactly the same as dodging/parrying/attacking works. Many thing in this game are skill based, and asking for devs to change mechanics just to suit someone whos too lazy to take the time to learn something has never really been FromSoft’s way.

    • iAM NinjaDarkovia says:

      I wish they have custom loadouts.

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