Hermitcraft 9: Episode 41 – TOO MANY CHICKENS

Hermitcraft 9: Episode 41 – TOO MANY CHICKENS

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Hermitcraft 9: Episode 41 – TOO MANY CHICKENS

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38 Responses

  1. Storm The Wolf says:

    Grian: *looks at the rarest egg in the game and the newest egg in the game*
    Grian: Behold- a LAMPSHADE!

  2. thezink says:

    At this point you aren’t poking the goat, you’re slapping it across the face

  3. Lolli_Popples says:

    Grian is proving that your redstone doesn’t need to be complex to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies.

  4. Robert Bawell says:

    Just make sure you throw eggs randomly into the perimeter when it’s cleaned up to make doc think he’s missed some stragglers.

  5. Samuel Wolfram says:

    Doc has now referred to himself as “Chicken Boy”

    End the war and take him on as an apprentice

  6. Maria Sharapova says:

    The war is truly starting up now. Scar and Grian blowing up the tunnel bore, Doc retaliating with wither skulls and slight portal shenanigans towards Grian, Scar killing Bdubs’ horse, retaliation in the form of horse curse, Grian getting Zedaph to blow up Doc’s wall, retaliation in the form of flaunting the purple crown and blowing up Mumbo’s door, and most recently…. Poultry Man returns for revenge. Is that everything?

  7. Melnew Demon says:

    I’m going to be honest, the idea of a mad scientist coming up with increasingly elaborate ways of taking revenge vs grian and scar just spawning lots of chickens over and over sounds like a blast to watch.

    • StarBeam says:

      Mad Problems require Mad Solutions

    • Ace the Adequate says:

      You mean a heavily skilled and hot archer and a guy dressed as a chicken

    • Wman says:

      ⁠@Ace the Adequateguy dressed as a chicken? He IS the chicken.

    • Ace the Adequate says:

      @Wman omg that’s crazy WOAH

    • Daragonal says:

      ⁠@Ace the Adequate
      Is it though? Or are you just stupidiotic for not even thinking of the obvious

      This is a joke, please don’t take offence to this reply, I assume that you did actually know that he is a chicken. However, if you didn’t know, then this is all serious, please take offence.

  8. mkk says:

    20:48 “once you deload all the chickens it starts to free up”

    Grian didnt realize that Doc has a chunkloader at the base of the Dragon Tower.

    that server is probably cooking!

  9. SummerTime Arts says:

    You know you’ve watched too much Grian when the title “too many chickens” seems normal.

  10. Mendacious Phooka says:

    “I know where this is going,” (sighs) replaces the “Seasons Without a War” counter to 0.

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