HIGHLIGHTS from Lionel Messi’s first start for Inter Miami vs. Atlanta United | ESPN FC

HIGHLIGHTS from Lionel Messi’s first start for Inter Miami vs. Atlanta United | ESPN FC

Watch Lionel Messi make his starting debut for Inter Miami, scoring 2 goals and 1 assist in Leagues Cup match vs. Atlanta United. Miami would dominate Atlanta in a 4-0 clean sheet victory.

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39 Responses

  1. Spin says:

    Everyone’s talking about Messi but that assist by Busquets was insane

  2. csquared says:

    This man ELEVATES everybody around him! Absolutely stunning play!

    • Ruma says:

      I honestly, sincerely hope his move to Miami elevates the whole of MLS

    • Pat B says:

      This is like LeBron playing in the G league bro obviously Messi is ganna smoke in America soccer lol

    • Purwanti Allan says:

      ​@RumaInter Miami with Lionel Messi could be the deadliest force to reckoned with in 2024 FIFA CWC!

    • Purwanti Allan says:

      ​@Pat Bwell obviously u r r8, @patb216.

    • Ruma says:

      @Pat B I have no idea what G league is but what I mean is that I hope Messi’s signing creates a snowball effect in football in states, more quality players joining, more viewers, more “hype” in a longer time line

  3. Luis Gonzalez says:

    La calidad y el profesionalismo de Messi, hace contagiar a sus compañeros y los hará crecer como jugadores, con 36 años, sigue siendo el mejor de todos 🇦🇷

  4. JulliaStark says:

    My favorite part of the match was the constant smile on Messi’s face. Nothing is better than seeing people having fun and enjoying themselves.

    • Purwanti Allan says:

      Me too love the way Messi constantly smiling.

    • Thomas Hauer says:

      I thought i watched the Oppenheimer movie But no it was Messis first games in Miami. Instant Booooooom

    • Ruckus Roke says:

      CR might have gotten a bigger bag, but he’s playing where nobody gives af lmao. ALL eyes on Messi in Florida and the best part is he too is having fun playing for Miami.

      So great

    • RvH says:

      I have watched a lot of MLS over the decades. Legendary players go to MLS and they want the money and think it so going to be a cakewalk (it’s top ten in the world but right now miles away from joining the Big Five).
      What they soon realize is that they are having fun like they were kids again playing soccer. It’s pure. Less of a spotlight, less pressure, more fun. Just get out there and play.
      I’ve seen it so many times. They go to MLS and suddenly they won’t stop smiling.

  5. EDA OZ 1905 says:

    Can we just appreciate the fact that Robert Taylor has as many goals and assists in the last 2 games (3G1A) as Messi (3G1A) Taylor has been playing pretty well as well. And Messi is just Messi. Also that pass from Busquets to Messi for the first goal was ridiculously smooth. I can’t stop rewatching that.

  6. Mattew Tonder says:

    You can tell Messi is happier here than in PSG, the impact he has on the game is insane, not just for the plays he does, but for the effect he has on his teammates, everyone wants to show off by the GOAT’S side. 💪👏

    • crosscounty24 says:

      People go to PSG for an easy paycheck

    • Eli Nelly-Ricky says:


    • Synk says:

      He was that happy when he joined he even scored a free kick in his first few games. Let’s see in a few months

    • Mattew Tonder says:

      @Synk the thing is PSG fans were never happy with him, neither the French press. Here in the US they treat him the right way you should treat a GOAT. Also he’s not competing anymore, this is like backyard football for him. No offenses. 👍

    • pat farget says:

      even an unhappy Messi scores 30 goals in MLS man…. he would have to be 50 years old and a wooden leg for that not to happen anymore 😂
      even my grandmother scores in MLS…

  7. Xyrolinx says:

    It doesn’t matter where Messi plays, he always takes the Magic with him.

    • Umar Mohammed says:

      Yes but it also depends on the environment around him. At PSG, he was never able to shine like this.

      Edit: for those thinking I’m hating, I’m not. I’ve always been a Messi fan, just stating my observation that he wasn’t able to play so freely and expansively as he is now, when compared to at PSG. And we all know the reasons why. But it’s only been 2 games so it’s hard to tell how this will pan out.

    • Xyrolinx says:

      @Umar Mohammed 100% agree. PSG had so many superstar players, but they never acted like a team. Messi, being all about team play, was never able to play his style of futbol at PSG. Over the past couple games, he looks genuinely happy, which makes me happy.

    • Fmpato says:

      @Umar Mohammed PSG was about the worst “superstar” team I’ve seen in my life. Zero cohesion. Not Messi’s fault by any means. That team was an absolute disaster almost from the start.

    • Fernando Gonzalez says:

      @Xyrolinxmagic is magic why not take it to psg just sounds like cope 😩 messi is just in mls

  8. CemreDemir1903 says:

    Messi at Barca stunned me and the rest of the world as we watched the GOAT emerge.
    Messi at PSG made me sad leaving Barca and being treated how he was by the French.
    Messi at Miami reunited with Busi, scoring goals, having fun, and loved by the fans makes me happy.


    Soy colombiano pero la verdad me alegra ver a messi de nuevo ser figura en el equipo❤❤❤

  10. Jimihen says:

    From how he plays and carries the team, we can see he truly understands the game and tries his best to help those around him to improve. We need such ppl not only in football, but literally everywhere in our life.

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