FNAF Ruin Is FINALLY Out! | Five Nights At Freddy’s Security Breach RUIN DLC

FNAF Ruin Is FINALLY Out! | Five Nights At Freddy’s Security Breach RUIN DLC

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Special thanks to Steffi Grace for her help with this episode!

Friends, today is the day! Ruin is here! No more wondering about what the new Security Breach DLC is gonna be like, it’s time to dive in there and get PLAYING! I am SO excited to start this playthrough with you all. Even better, we’re diving into Five Nights at Freddy’s with a special guest! Game Theory Creative Director Tom (@DapperMrTom ) and I will be pulling all the new LORE out of this new update. Now let’s get in there and find out what’s going on in the DLC… and hope my FNAF timeline isn’t RUINed!

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0:00 – The Witty Breakdown
7:08 – he could walk through walls, disappear and fly
1:35:15 – The Witty Wrap Up

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37 Responses

  1. ReFourth says:

    MatPat slowly regaining self confidence in the fnaf lore again is good to see

  2. Skull says:

    For someone who is apparently trapped somewhere, Gregory sure is super aware of everything going on throughout the pizzaplex

  3. Rickroll says:

    Watching Matpat play video games is the epitome of ‘you can’t see the forest for the trees.’ My man gets so focused on the strange animal tracks pressed into the carpet that he misses the elephant in the room

  4. Marycom 15 says:

    Jumpscare warnings!
    Chica – 21:50
    Monty – 30:13
    BELOVED – 32:01
    Kinda jumpscare, i suppose, spooky audio – 1:00:54
    Glitch bunny – 1:13:19
    Monty – 1:13:39
    Glitch bunny – 1:15:31
    Monty – 1:19:29

  5. VegladeX says:

    I think this is something MatPat really missed: while wearing the mask lets you AR-“disbelieve” certain illusions in the “real” world, it actually throws up its OWN walls in other places. The “path to evil” tunnel might have had branches or other exits, but we didn’t see them because they were hidden behind the AR-tunnel. There were other parts too where you HAVE to take the mask off to progress, but I’m not sure they realised that’s what happened. I think we need to find out what’s behind all the AR-walls as WELL as the “real” ones!

  6. Cao Đinh Nam Khánh says:

    matpat not checking every “SHINING LIGHT PLEASE CHECK HERE FOR ESSENTIAL ITEMS TO LET YOU PROCEED” never ceases to amaze me

    • Luna says:

      while at the same time spending hours trying to read the graffiti and look at background detail trying so hard to apply lore to it 😭😭😭

    • Dyodome says:

      Matpat behaves like he is in an amusement park, and instead on going on the rides will interact with every cardboard cutout he can see.
      Not the game amusement park, like Matpat himself is in an amusement park.

    • TinyPortal says:


  7. Mysik LP says:

    The scariest part is Helpi’s blatant disregard for child labor laws

    • ShadowStorm says:


    • pelahnar4 says:

      ah, a small child wandering around a fully disintegrating building – perfect job candidate! I’m currently in a job search and I wish it were that easy

    • Samoan Joseph says:

      I am not certain if child labor laws apply to robot children, and with the fast recovery from that first Monty jumpscare, I’m not so sure Gregory so much knows Cassie as they were built by the same people…

    • ☆ Sirius says:

      @Samoan Joseph I feel like 2 robot children in the same game is too much, and videogame logic exists so that’s probably why cassie recovers quickly

    • Ryan Soltani says:


  8. TheComicSketcher says:

    I love how Mat calls out the giant hole in the wall, but completely missed the jump scare that happened in it- 💀

  9. RoombaCop says:

    I think seeing Cassie fight back against monty actually made the jumpscare more terrifying. Like instead of getting grabbed and screamed at she just got MONCHED

  10. KryztalDayz says:

    Steph should honestly join every livestream just to remind Mat not to examine every little detail 😭😂

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