HIGHLIGHTS: Los Angeles Football Club vs. LA Galaxy | July 08, 2022

HIGHLIGHTS: Los Angeles Football Club vs. LA Galaxy | July 08, 2022

HIGHLIGHTS: Los Angeles Football Club 3-2 LA Galaxy, 07/08/2022

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41 Responses

  1. RareFirst says:

    Hey guys, very much appreciate your hard work pumping out these videos so quickly! I’m curious, however, why you guys aren’t uploading at least 1080p quality? Would love to be able to watch these clips more clearly, especially with fields like LA where the lower resolution has a harder time producing a clear image with confetti and such on the field. Another thing, 2:06-2:12 seems to be an incomplete cut where mid-play the scene is changed to the 2nd half.

    Love the content and thanks again for all the hard work.

  2. Miha Spirt says:

    Отличный матч! Дерби удалось! Ждём Гарета Бейла на поле, а не в VIP.

  3. KingzPaz says:

    I’ve never seen Bale celebrate his teams goal from the stands when he was at Madrid 😂 he’s gonna go crazy with LAFC

  4. diego costa says:

    A Vela and Bale duo is something to be excited about

  5. Byron ‘92 says:

    As a Ecuadorian/Colombian living in LA, it’s cool to see a Ecuadorian and a Colombian score for LA 🙌🏼 🇪🇨 🇨🇴 🙌🏼

  6. MG Fifa says:

    Imagine if MLS teams and Liga MX can both participate in copa libertadores.. I would love to see that

    • Flaming Basketball Club says:

      @Vincent MLS teams wouldn’t get killed by Liga MX teams these days mate. What are you on?

    • Vincent says:

      MLS teams would get killed by Liga MX and the South American teams🤣🤣

    • Byron ‘92 says:

      @MG Fifa lafc vs America , and galaxy is playing against Chivas

    • Johan Mora says:

      @Flaming Basketball Club Yeah my team Independiente del Valle won against the last Mexican team in Libertadores (Pumas) since that they never returned.

    • Flaming Basketball Club says:

      @kaniz majorys In previous press conferences on the MLS website. Again this was a few years ago. Liga MX teams used to compete in Copa Sudamericana and Libertadores until 2016.

  7. Love ༒ says:

    Carlos Vela, Bale, and Chiellini in just one team? If this keeps going like this with each MLS team having more than just 1 super star, the MLS might turn into an American version of the Chinese super league(before the pandemic) and attract more fans and players world wide, especially from Europe.

    • Julio Lopez says:

      MLS has financial regulations, Lafc is making good deals not overspending like Europe/china

    • U Betcha says:

      @GoGo USA only big name right now is INSIGNE

    • Marvin Sulzer says:

      No the Chinese league has a salary cap. And just like MLS the league only allows clubs to sign three super stars. The Chinese league also has promotion/relegation. Ironically China’s League One, which is their second division, doesn’t have a salary cap. So they are known to buy their way into the Super League but are then forced to sell players once promoted.

    • Joey Pumo says:

      MLS doesn’t have the money Chinese super league does… they just make great deals

  8. Javier Mendez says:

    Vela keeps on being a key player, can’t wait to see him and Bale duo.

  9. Javi Rodriguez says:

    What a game,,,,it’s like watching two premier teams….

  10. CJ says:

    Even split 1 win each this regular season, vamos LAFC black and gold forever

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