House of the Dragon Season 2 | Official Teaser | Max

House of the Dragon Season 2 | Official Teaser | Max


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58 Responses

  1. @Divine_Chareka says:

    I’m emotionally unprepared for season 2, the story only gets crazy from this point.

  2. @honzab1668 says:

    “The grief and rage of losing a child could burn down the world. Either Aegon or Rhaenyra could live at the end, but not both.”
    Catelyn Stark

    • @TravelBara says:

      *Spoiler Alert*
      Sadly, none of them did. The iron throne was hold by a hundred of years by Queen Rhaenyra heirs. Prince Aegon and Queen Alicent line desapeared. If this war hasn’t happened the Targaryens would still had dragons and keep the throne. They became unworthy after fighting kin against kin.

    • @meetalisingh5874 says:


    • @senordurag says:

      and everyone loses@@TravelBara

    • @keshavprakash7906 says:

      ​@@TravelBarahe is not prince Aegon, he is King Aegon Targaryen second of his name

  3. @-.-.-.-.-.-..- says:

    I hope we get to see Baela and Rhaenyra in battle armor. Rhaenys already have armor and looked badass in the first season. It seems that they also changed out Daemon’s 3D-printed armor to a realer looking armor.

  4. @AJay-lp2bo says:

    Seeing Vhagar gave me chills. The last living of the three dragons that conquered Westeros.

    • @syd1621 says:

      she is so haunting and frightening. i just love her.

    • @t-rexcellentreviews1663 says:

      I know, she’s huge and to think, Balerion is still bigger than her, even in death.

    • @michaelmcdoesntexist1459 says:

      @@t-rexcellentreviews1663 yeah. Dragons keep growing until they die, and at the time of her death, Vaghar was as big as Balerion was when the Conquest happened. He kept growing for another century until he was too big to sustain himself in the air.

    • @umarhossain2701 says:

      Dohaerys Vhagar 💅 Sovas 🫦

  5. @zakluck1686 says:

    Vhagar is such a cool dragon, the holes in the wings, so much character in the little details.

  6. @spearshake4771 says:

    00:29 Absolutely love this shot. I really do hope they manage to showcase these battles properly given how GoT had to skip showcasing a lot of its early battles because of budget limits.

    • @ib_mumnuts3193 says:

      Epic battle scenes with sweeping shots are the best. Exciting stuff

    • @Ambuscade94 says:

      Filmed near Farnborough just down the road from me my mate kept bumping into the film crew riding through the woods on his bike

    • @s8theninjawarrior916 says:

      This show started with s1 having the budget of GoT s8. S1 of GoT had 10x less budget than s8. It only gets better from here!

    • @joshuaadams6565 says:

      @@s8theninjawarrior916 Yeah but inflation and season 8 only had 6 episodes with 2 dragons. A lot more money in terms of individual episodes

    • @slappytheclown4 says:

      Agreed, the cinematography in general is astounding and leagues better than anything in GoT.

  7. @TheSpaceEnthusiast-vl6wx says:

    It does not matter which side you are on; this war will be heartbreaking and heart-shattering. It’s all *fire and blood.*

  8. @ParisCycling says:

    It’s been such a long time since I accepted to be patient for a show that truly takes its time, not pumping out series after series. It’s so nice to know they’re not rushing production and instead taking time to craft a spectacle worthy of the franchise and the channel. Take all the time you need between series, I don’t mind. Time time time time time.

  9. @daeneryssiut says:

    It can’t be?!? Rhaenyra’s outfits actually look fire?!? So hyped for this season!!!

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