How Many Candles Can An Arrow Blow Out??

How Many Candles Can An Arrow Blow Out??



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30 Responses

  1. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    Easily one of their most creative ideas yet, and one of the most entertaining vids for sure.

  2. Johnny Canuck says:

    Yea, flour is quite flammable. In enclosed spaces its actually considered an explosive. There have been several instances where grain mills have blown up

    • Matthew Taylor says:

      @Dan White Must have missed that. Funny, though – they did it anyway. 🤷‍♂️

    • Zoe says:

      I know its been quite a few years since mythbusters stopped making episodes, but they literally showed flour + oxygen + ignition = fireball, although creamer had the best result

    • goatcheese4me says:

      In red dead redemption 2, Arthur and Dutch successfully escaped local militia-controlled Guarma by creating a diversion through igniting flour or sugar. It saved their lives.

    • Joe R M says:

      @Dustin VanKeuren yes, also thinking of fine sawdust, and powdered creamer (one of the biggest explosions on Mythbusters that didn’t involve something you’d need the bomb squad for).

    • Jojo96 says:

      Basically every powder is.

  3. Mark Howard says:

    That was a lot more entertaining than I expected. Well done, team.

  4. Stormer Games says:

    When Brett said they didn’t yell a lot in videos, I laughed so hard.

  5. KungFuWombat says:

    “Gotta climb over the ducks”

    Proceeds to walk all over them like Godzilla stomping on Tokyo

  6. Colin Cairns says:

    Scotty Gaunson never disappoints with the fullest amount of entertainment! *LOVE* your channel!

  7. Swingsloth says:

    Now they need to do this in reverse. See how many candles you can light with a flaming arrow.

  8. Quardle Doo says:

    Herron probably could have gone with a low pressure blow, gotten really close, and done about half of them.

  9. Cory King says:

    This is surprisingly amazing, you guys should seriously consider turning your slowies into canvas wall art 🎨 I’d buy a few 🤩

  10. WarlandWriter says:

    Cannot stress how good of a purchase that Phantom was, holy heck boys

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