How Many Glass Windows Stops An Arrow?

How Many Glass Windows Stops An Arrow?

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19 Responses

  1. Nacricissa says:

    PSA: Don’t dry fire a bow (let the string go when there’s no arrow in it) cause the force that would normally send the arrow flying can instead damage the bow, even to the point of it breaking. If you do draw it with nothing in it, gently move the string back to rest instead of releasing.

  2. demarogue says:

    Absolutely loving the past few weeks, it’s feeling fresh and phantom-tastic

  3. Drakkenstein says:

    We should all learn from this:
    Pitchforks are not throwing implements.

  4. MysticEye says:

    You guys ever think about doing a “Build your own…” challenge? Would be cool to see what you guys can come up with. Lol, build your own projectile to drop from the tower, see who’s can go through the most (insert object to drop on here) or something like.

  5. Ironwolf Studios says:

    1:26 When Derek asks “is there a way (a ping pongball could go through a window)”, the answer is a resounding YES. Way back in the mid 2010s the gents at Mythbusters built a rig that could fire a ping pong ball in excess of the speed of sound (~760mph/1225kph). That would definitely break some glass.

    Comtest: Cococnut’s mass is 650 grams

  6. lilturks 999 says:

    I wanna see a competition to see who can get through more glass with the bow and arrow. Make the best shot out of 3 each. That would look so cool on the slowey. Maybe find a way to have all 3 shoot at the same time too.
    Ps: I’m guessing the coconut weighs 685 grams

  7. Thouzer47 says:

    Just seeing him throw the ping pong ball in slow motion was absolutely hilarious

  8. Dem Dogg86 says:

    The way the steel ball just bleeds through in the slowmo is like, poetry.

  9. Melbourne Muscular Therapies says:

    Love the commitment in your videos guys! Always so epic 🙌🏻

  10. Matthew Watkinson says:

    14:53 Well, the water ballon got “one”. That “one” just happened to be Gaunson! LOL
    Also guys, I think that you should try to get a couple of Australian Olympians (specifically an archer and a discus thrower) to see if they could do better than you did with those items.

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