How some shows try to make the VILLAIN the friend.

How some shows try to make the VILLAIN the friend.

“Don’t worry about all the crimes now, he’s my friend” neck ahh.

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  1. Jacky Chen says:

    Yeah, accountability is rarely found amongst villains who become good, especially the legal kind. Like, sure, people change, but if they don’t take responsibility, there’s no reason for other characters to believe they’ve changed. That being said, I’m not able to tell if villains change cuz the writer likes the character or are just bad at writing (or both). I just see things and think “man, if that were irl, they’d probably be locked up”.

    • Lone Wolf Gaming says:

      @Zjura Eventide Well then all you have to do is create another path. The only obstacle I see in the way of redemption is people, once you’ve actually made up your mind to stop being a villain.

    • Antasma1 says:

      To be fair, they often join the heroes as a form of atonement

    • MarloSoBalJr Gaming says:

      @Khaled M. You can blame Azula and Ozai for that. Zuko just couldn’t figure out what was right & wrong

    • MarloSoBalJr Gaming says:

      @SasDaGreat Manipulation by his sister Azula and father Ozai also plays a role in why Zuko was bipolar (not as an insult) early on

    • MarloSoBalJr Gaming says:

      Zuko is the only believable villain to become a protagonist that I’ve seen from any show

  2. Ashwin Selvakumar says:

    The writers like him is the second most believable reason for redeeming a villain. The 1st being “he came in the top 3 in the character popularity poll”

  3. gadman85 says:

    “The writer likes him, bro.”
    That line made this even better, because it is so true in so many cases. lol.

  4. God of Creativity says:

    “He just needed someone to talk to. That was it.” Is something you can say for some known villains that are going through it 😔

    • Marsh C says:

      @Silky LewJr Omg! You did drugs?!?!? GUILLOTINE! and GUILLOTINE for the executioner. Guillotines all around.

    • Silky LewJr says:

      @TheMinerax So all people who broke the law deserves to die? You’re making it way too black and white. Guys like the one in the video definitely deserves it, but I need to die because I did drugs? Hell, I need help more than anything at that point.

    • TheMinerax says:

      Wtf? Are you serious? They all deserve to ” do not live” in a most painful way possible

    • K W says:

      In elementary my best friend was a bully. I befriended her. She just needed someone to talk to!!!

  5. CJ says:

    “So perhaps we’ve treated you too harshly please accept my humblest apologies, you are now ✨GANG✨ 😌👌”

    Absolutely amazing 👏🏾

  6. Some Good Salt says:

    This is why Zuko from Avatar the Last Airbender was so good. The characters didn’t trust him instantly, they had a good reason to work together, and it was all believable.

    • MarloSoBalJr Gaming says:

      @Lebeau Muni You’re misleading yourself. Zuko was never evil, he just wanted his father’s blessing (which Ozai couldn’t give two fucks about) but he never directly killed anyone. Azula is the polar opposite whom was manipulative & evil and it stood that way to the very end

    • MarloSoBalJr Gaming says:

      @Connor Dorman In the cavern with Aang, Azula and Katara right?… that one minute sequence tore a hole in my heart.

      Then seeing Iroh locked away not even batting an eye at Zuko each time he visited

    • TrentSing says:

      @Lebeau Muni Holy fuck you are off and it’s sad. Plus it’s obvious how you see it is in the minority but you won’t care. You’ll stubbornly stick to it instead of think hmm maybe they have a point and I should look at it in a different more closer perspective cause there has to be a reason why the mass majority see it in a different way than me.

      Like hell even in the comics and other stories that take place after TLA it shows how Zuko was still struggling to get accepted. By his nation and other nations despite now being Fire Lord and trying to do good. Many still distrusted him for the longest time and he had multiple attempts on his life as Fire Lord.

    • Sean Tex Jackson says:

      @Lebeau Muni Zuko wasn’t evil, he was misguided and acting through truama which was established thru his back story. He was trying to be something he was not and live up to ideals that weren’t his own. You could even say he was never being true to himself. Which is why once you peel back the layers you’re able to believe in his change

    • Tropicaya says:

      Anytime someone does a skit like this I INSTANTLY think of Zuko. lol😂

  7. Cadborosa says:

    I hate when this happens. Espicially on the scale of “The dude murdered like seventy people! FOR NO REASON” it just grinds my gears
    And I’m glad to know that some people feel the same- and that I’m not completely crazy

  8. Mario B5413 says:

    I like when in stories, when a villain turns good, he/she is reminded every moment of the things they’ve done.

  9. Lloyd Bailey says:

    “That was before.”
    “Before what!? We stopped you?KILL HIM!!”
    that got me. 😂
    “The writer likes him” ahh yes the greatest conversion factor to ever be used against humanity.
    SO MUCH HERE 👍🏿🤣👐🏿

  10. AzureKaioshin says:

    You either live long enough to befriend a villain, or die knowing that villain succeeded in all his goals. A N I M E .

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