How to get parents to buy whatever you want🎮🔥 #shorts #viral #videogames #parents #prank #foryou

How to get parents to buy whatever you want🎮🔥 #shorts #viral #videogames #parents #prank #foryou

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36 Responses

  1. FamousReece says:

    Litstick🔥Prank App🤪➡️➡️

  2. Brent Nichols says:

    More like “ How to get your ass beat faster than the world record”

  3. Your Super Idol says:

    “how to get a one way ticket to getting beat”

  4. Colourwave says:

    Me: I want a PS5.
    Mom: -No- Okay
    Also mom: “I guess I have to buy him a PS5”

    • Alyssa Gregory says:

      @_Shadow_Drip_ it’s a font or some sort of filter

    • Helen says:

      The mother’s text would have a blue line sticking out of one side, and a grey one sticking out of the other.. it doesn’t change the sticker on her perspective, it makes her text look grey and have another < on it lol-

    • Judith Sixkiller says:

      No way wouldi I prank on the one who not only knows where I sleep, but right where I LIVE. Ain’t no other burn can torch you up like a mom burn.

    • This is Dumb says:

      @_Shadow_Drip_ that’s what it would’ve said but he had this absolutely great app to make it say okay

    • Pandaman says:


  5. Cool guy 1169 says:

    The only new thing being bought is a new belt my guy 😂

  6. Animator ist says:

    So hows this goin down when you talk in person? Does the app work for that too?

  7. Jayden says:

    “How to die” first do this, second close your eyes and except the pain

  8. Kuff_Fly says:

    Me: mom can I have a PS5
    My mom: You got PS5 money?
    Me: changes her awnser to for sure
    Also me: hears heavy footsteps and a belt snapping

  9. Nightcap 43 says:

    Just because you change the text doesn’t mean they’re actually gonna change their answer and suddenly say yes in real life

  10. Cayden Smith says:

    Is no one gonna talk about his mom saying I hate you at the end????😂

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