How to Spend 14 Days in JAPAN 🇯🇵 Ultimate Travel Itinerary

How to Spend 14 Days in JAPAN 🇯🇵 Ultimate Travel Itinerary

Travelling to Japan is the trip of a lifetime, so spend those 14 days wisely!
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– Tokyo in a Day:
– Asakusa, Tokyo:
– Osaka:
– Hiroshima:
– Fukuoka:
– Sapporo:
– Kagoshima:
– Sendai:

Feat: ​⁠@sharlainjapan & Natsuki
CAMERA: ​⁠@PaulBallard & Chris Broad
EDITING: David Parish, Chris Broad, Marcus Canning

00:00 14 Days in Japan: The Grand Plan
02:05 Day 1 – 2 Tokyo
02:47 Day 3 Kamakura & Yokohama: The Perfect Day-trip
11:14 Day 4 – 5 Kanazawa: City of Gold
19:59 Day 6 – 7 Shirakawago & Takayama
27:32 Day 8 – 9 Kyoto: Soul of Japan
37:11 Day 9 Nara: Ancient Capital
40:40 Day 10 – 11 Osaka: Japan’s Nightlife Capital
46:14 Day 12 Hakone: Hot Spring Heaven
52:03 Day 13 – 14 What to do in Tokyo

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34 Responses

  1. @AbroadinJapan says:


    Well guys, I’m delighted to FINALLY release this video after 10 years, given it’s been our most requested video topic.
    We’ve been working on this massive, epic episode of Abroad in Japan for the whole month now. It’s been a huge undertaking filming across Tokyo, Osaka, Kanazawa, Kyoto, Kamakura, Yokohama and Nara. But I hope you enjoy the video and are able to get a ton of ideas for YOUR trip to Japan. If you enjoyed the episode, be sure to show us your support and if it does well, we’ll produce more itinerary videos in 2024! (Special thanks to Natsuki and Sharla for joining!)

  2. @kimu__desu says:

    Chris, please partner with a local tour agency and make this trip available to your fans worldwide 🙏 I love the idea of my first trip to Japan being in the company of other followers from across the world! Also: looking forward to the upcoming series!

    • @Steve211Ucdhihifvshi says:

      Trust me, Japan is a country you can easily do solo or with a friend, even if your japanese isnt existence with google now its easier than ever before.

    • @pjcaradoc says:

      Honestly, that’s an amazing idea.

    • @robstar293 says:

      @@Steve211Ucdhihifvshi I agree. I like those translator gizmos in some stores. Simply scan the barcode from an item to get the product details in english displayed for example.

    • @blinkx1070 says:

      It’s really not that difficult to do this stuff on your own with a friend rather than paying extra through an agency.

      I’ve done it twice, the first time barely knowing any Japanese, and the second with rudimentary Japanese. Google translate has audio and text translations through your camera on your phone. Pocket Wifi companies even will let you rent a audio translator device as well (though I don’t know how they compare to Google).

      It’s one of the easiest times to travel to Japan in history.

    • @vasilikonstan says:

      This sounds like a great idea, but execution would be very very difficult. It’s not hard to plan a trip like this on your own. It just takes time and research.

  3. @bradley9677 says:

    Been watching this channel for about 8 years. Finally went on my dream trip to Japan and a week after I get back Chris finally decides to drop an itinerary video

  4. @draco5906 says:

    I’m actually going on a 14 day trip starting Friday next week so believe me when I say I was delighted to see this title 😂✨

  5. @zanizone3617 says:

    I went to Japan twice, and I’m unreasonably pleased with myself for the fact that I went to all the places in this video on my first try. I just missed Hakone (and the custard pudding when I was in Shirakawago😢). My second trip was this year and I explored other places, but I had to revisit a few (Kamakura is just too stunning to not go back). The highlight of the second trip was the Great Ise Shrine. Fantastic place.

    • @kurodah7210 says:

      I have been to a lot of those places already as well since I have stayed in Japan for half a year, but since you’ve been to the Ise Jingu Shrine, what were your favourite places to visit across the two trips? Places that are lesser known maybe?

  6. @YokosoOtaku says:

    Chris is RIGHT on the money about starting in Asakusa. My family just got back from a month long trip to Japan and Asakusa was a perfect place as the train stations in the area are relaxed and easy to learn your bearings in as you prepare for dealing with larger stations and more hustle and bustle. It was beautiful and I loved our trip!

  7. @megb7491 says:

    I was in Japan for a short time ten years ago but you and Sharla have emboldened me to plan a longer trip !! Thanks 🙂

  8. @MightyZarquon says:

    Staggering production, to be honest. Better quality than the travel shows we get here, in the UK. Stunning cinematography, image quality, editing, and of course content…. the presenter / narrator isn’t bad, either. Quite affable! Great quality audio also. The Japanese Tourist Board should pay Chris a nice little bundle for this. Makes me want to visit Japan more than ever! (and I’ve always wanted to go, but, being physically disabled I’m not sure how I’d manage. Maybe Chris could pay me to fly over and do a video about how a physically disabled tourist manages in Japan!) ;p Really great video, as interesting as it is stunning. Roll on Journey Across Japan! It’s amazing how far YouTube content has come!

  9. @SyxDarkQueen says:

    It’s heartwarming to see you give Natsuki the chance and reason to explore the parts of Japan he never had time to

  10. @Rupture_EX says:

    One place that is CRIMINALLY underrated its Enoshima, the island village aesthetic, while the mainland gave me like a 70s miami vibe but nicer. Ichinomiya while not having a lot going on, its a very calm countryside style to it with very friendly people.

    • @KGhaleon says:

      Lot of people often refer to it as a Tourist trap though. I’d rather take a trip up to Matsushima.

    • @Rupture_EX says:

      @@KGhaleon I went on a budget and spent like maybe 80 bucks on two days (including stay), what I do think the place lacks is nightlife most definetly.

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