The 2nd Greatest Golf Shot in YouTube History.

The 2nd Greatest Golf Shot in YouTube History.

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Ryder got the shot!



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23 Responses

  1. Grant Horvat Golf says:

    This is a day I’ll remember forever

  2. Rick Shiels Golf says:

    You guys keep completing YouTube! Incredible stuff well done 👏


    What a freaking shot!

  4. Bryan Bros Golf says:

    You freakin beast!!!!!

  5. Slick Stevie says:

    dude i got goosebumps and i wasn’t even there lol

  6. Joshua Zastudil says:

    Love how Garrett’s first call is to the GG crew…really shows how much these guys love what they do and love each other! Blow this UP!!

  7. Thomas Sisson says:

    I once chipped in from 78 yards for PAR with no one else around and acted a damn fool with my celebrating up and down the hole. Garret’s fairly reserved reaction to holing out from 240 yards for an albatross made me look like even more a fool in retrospect.

    • Charles Murray Brown says:

      Hahaha I was playing a practice round by myself a couple days ago, played 4 shots from about 50 yards and holed out twice. Of course no one was there to see it, but I enjoyed it none the less!

    • Andrew Grant says:

      No shame in your joy! I don’t act like I’ve been there before if I haven’t.

    • Aaron Simms says:

      This is the most relatable thing I have ever read

  8. Morgan Bentley says:

    For the channel analytics, I honestly think two parts is the way to go. With one part, once the viewers watch it, that’s it. However, with two – three parts, it has the viewers knowing there’s another part coming for that course, and being ready for it and checking back to see if it’s posted. Or turning on noti’s so they know when it is. Same goes with older videos, you see a part one, then watch it, love it and go to y’all’s channel to find the next. That’s what happened with me at least when I found y’all’s channel. I think everyone likes seeing y’all joking with each other and the vlog type stuff too, and I feel like breaking the videos up allow for more of that, and help the channel growth more than just one video. I prefer watching two 9 hole videos, but don’t mind three 6 hole ones either.

    I like watching y’all’s videos regardless of how they’re broken down, and will continue to watch them. However, from a channel growth standpoint, I think breaking the videos up makes more sense. Love the videos though, keep crushing it guys!

  9. Nic D says:

    insane shot G, that was sick. Loving this series.
    I’d give my left nut to have a friend like Grant. He’s a real hypeman.

  10. Averitt13 says:

    30:52 that caddy was doing everything he could to get the ball to go in. The world needs more people like him.

    • Rob V says:

      Dude you act like he did something special. He wants him to make it for the simple fact he doesn’t want them thinking he gives bad reads. I hear what you’re sayin lol but be easy boss man he had his reasons 🤣🤣👍👍

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