How To Terraform Mars – WITH LASERS

How To Terraform Mars – WITH LASERS

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Mars is a disappointing hellhole lacking practically everything we need to stay alive. It looks like we’ll only ever have small crews spend a miserable time hidden underground. Except, we could terraform it into a green new world. But to solve the planet’s problems, we first need to make it worse and turn it into oceans of lava with gigantic lasers.

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39 Responses

  1. Bambi Belle says:

    Considering giant space mirrors have been a key technology in many of these “futurist” videos… it’d be neat to have a video exploring how we could make them, transport them, and keep them locked in the position we need them in!

  2. Laserstormelpies says:

    Please make a videogame about terraforming (could be throughout the entire solar system with increasing difficulty per planet). With your style – as perfectly shown in this video – this would look soo good, with a nice UI, achievements, visual progression. Plus it would be powered by all the knowledge you guys have about how something like this could work, so it would not only feel super educational but also scientific, maybe having game modes for both younger and older audiences.

  3. Mūn Man says:

    The mention of “big laser” is very amusing to me. It’s just so absurd, I love it. It’s rather sad that I won’t see this planet with no mosquitos though

    • Tora Hibiki says:

      Funny thing. An insects will probably evolve to fill that niche

    • Bill Paci says:

      @Marcelino Deseo–
      And bed bugs.

    • Icetea 2000 says:

      I mean that is true, the giant laser sounds like the biggest reach of Kurzgesagts terraforming videos. The venus terraforming video seemed much more doable

    • Arcturus Light says:

      @Peace Pills Giant curved mirrors are way easier to do than giant lenses (that’s why telescopes use big mirrors). It’s probably possible to focus sunlight with big mirrors into small spots on martian surface, but I’m guessing maybe the heat needs to be _really_ concentrated to efficiently reach temperatures high enough to decompose rock.

    • Peace Pills says:

      wonder if it’d be easier (or possible) to just use a lens like a magnifying glass in between mars and the sun to turn the sun into a laser.

  4. zenith says:

    I’m genuinely hoping that we come together as a species to finally make our neighboring inner planets into garden worlds.

  5. Eifel Claude says:

    Awesome as always. As to the animation style, this idea should actually be made into a game. That would be awesome

  6. Jeff Ulloa says:

    This all sounds so hard to do, but for a planet without mosquitoes? Absolutely worth it

    • Dragrath1 says:

      @Romuland Meier Exactly mosquitoes only use blood as a protein source otherwise their diet is limited to nectar and or plant sap depending on species. A mechanism for obtaining protein is actually a major limit to animals adapting to nectar as a food source as nectar while rich in sugar lacks protein.

      Hummingbirds and wasps get their protein from hunting prey, bees and nectar bats get their protein by consuming pollen, but mosquitos just happen to use blood as their protein source.

    • Dragrath1 says:

      @HoneySauce At least in the case of the aforementioned island environments like Hawaii which for millions and millions of years have completely lacked mosquitoes prior to humans introduced them. They are the single most destructive invasive species(aside from ourselves).

    • Dragrath1 says:

      @Jay Kay Yeah the mosquitoes are actually the greatest source of native animal biodiversity loss in Hawaii because all the endemic birds have not had to deal with them for millions of years they have no protection from the avian strain malaria we brought there.

    • EndevomGelende says:

      @Romuland Meier Quicksave but you need to speedrun the game to get it

    • MollTheCoder says:

      @Marino that would take thousands of years

  7. 🔞Your Sex Partner says:

    Awesome as always. As to the animation style, this idea should actually be made into a game. That would be awesome

  8. Envar says:

    I’m impressed by how many videos you guys have been releasing in the past month!

  9. ⭕️Sexually Active says:

    Thank you so, so much for yet another wonderful & informative video. I’m not quite sure what it is about Kurzgesagt but it really is magical and one of the best things to come out of the internet ❤

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