We Finally Have The Parts We’ve Been Waiting For!

We Finally Have The Parts We’ve Been Waiting For!

So I got a build project and it will be running by next week!

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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt’s off-road recovery!

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27 Responses

  1. rightwingmanscott says:

    As a welder and builder for over 40 years it’s been enjoyable watching Lizzie’s welding skills develop. Stuff you don’t learn at school but on the job.

    • Deez Nuts says:

      @Trevor Dennis is

    • Rat Builder says:

      @Bruce Havourd Hi Bruce, I am 75 years old. I could be considered an old dog, and trying to teach an old dog a new trick is never a good thing. Besides that, what’s done is done. Maybe if I get real bored, I will look at striating the welder. Then———maybe not.

      I was just thinking, I have not started it for 10 years. Even though I do have a battery tender on the battery, it will most likely need to be replaced. If someone else needs some welding done, they will need to bring it to me so I can use my MIG.

      I have sort of stopped me being myself with my snow blower. I drain the gas out of it in the spring. This year, after putting in fresh gas. it started on the first pull!!! Hmmm, maybe I should do that to my riding lawn mower. At least I use non-ethanol fuel in all of these small engines.

      Now, see what you have done! Now I am feeling bad for not winterizing my lawnmower. I think that I am mad at you now!

    • Bruce Havourd says:

      @Rat Builder Perhaps you should stop being yourself?

    • Bruce Havourd says:

      @CanAmRider – Cheap is a crappie word. LOL

    • Bruce Havourd says:

      @CanAmRider LOL

  2. Happy Eva After says:

    Love seeing Tom Tom as part of the crew now. He’s like the adult supervision you didn’t need and I get a kick out of watching him react to the decision process!

  3. Brent French says:

    That Lizzy amazes me. She has become a really good welder and, usually looks like she’s a joy to be around. Oh, and she’s still working there, for now anyway. I enjoy watching these build videos a lot. It makes it far more exciting because the rides you work on are a bit unusual. The Morvair is simply a very cool car, and I don’t think anyone, anywhere would have thought to build a car like that. Same with the tow truck. The things you’ve done are bitch’n, but when the cab is on the truck, it’s just a cool ride.

  4. Jim Willoughby says:

    I love watching Lizzie do her welding thing. She is really good at laying down beautiful beads.

  5. Chainsaw FPV says:

    Lizzie did not break it. She helped you by pointing out a obvious weak spot.

  6. Sharon Nicholson says:

    Thanks Tom Tom we love you we’re going to get five times as many videos from Matt’s off-road recovery because having you on the team gets things done five times quicker ♥️ you work so hard you’ve earned it here’s a little treat 🍪 a fresh home baked cookie 🤤 🤣

  7. Kevin Zimmerly says:

    The tires turning is some kinda Frankenstein moment! Pretty cool to see! Well done everyone!

  8. Ashley S says:

    Its awesome to see how Lizzie has progressed as a welder. Her work is noticeably better now! Good job!

  9. Chris S says:

    Lizzie reminds me of a young version of my lady. Beautiful, funny, down to earth, “low maintenance”, and loves doing “boy stuff”. I hope she has, or finds, a man who treats her like the treasure she is. Too many times I’ve seen girls like her wind up with creeps or jerks. And her welding just keeps getting better and better.

    • V C says:

      I may be wrong but I thought she was first introduced as Rudy’s GF.

    • Korok says:

      @Robert F amen brother i wish all these good girls would just recognize us good guys am i right yee haw

    • Robert F says:

      Just in general there’s way too many crappy guys out there.. yet somehow (still in general) gals keep deciding to get with them while, the whole time, wondering where the hey the good guys are lol

    • Larry Thompson says:

      I think she has a few uncles that might beat the crap out of a loser. Plus she is smart enough to take care of herself.

  10. David Landreth-Smith says:

    Awesome channel, great videos.
    OK so I would definitely choose hydraulic because it is more positive and direct than Air ( hydraulic is an incompressible fluid so it has a rock solid feel).
    Also because Hydraulic does not compress like air, it is much SAFER (albeit more messy) as there is very little kinetic or rather potentential energy stored when hydraulic is under pressure, notwithstanding a whipping hose broken at the pump.
    High pressure compressed Air has so much stored energy that it can be a destructive Bomb, and also a squishy steering response. There are many arguments in favour of compressed air I’m sure, but they are not as compelling as the arguments in favour of hydraulic.
    Just some food for thought. 😃

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