Huge DRAMA? Forcing YouTube Animators to become ENEMIES!

Huge DRAMA? Forcing YouTube Animators to become ENEMIES!

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What better way to celebrate the 2022 Christmas season than to watch all of my friends argue and fight amongst themselves over MAAFA ROUND 3? With new roles resulting in MORE chaos, watch how all of my friends fare in this HUGE DRAMA, where I force youtube animators to become enemies!

Thank you to @RushLightInvader, @TheLaddi, @PantslessPajamas, @AlexsCorner, @SultanSketches, @ActuallyRea, @illymation, @IceCreamSandwich, @Emirichu for joining me on this game! Make sure to check out their channels if you enjoyed their personalities 😀

Major thanks to TeamAMaazing:
Chaos (Storyboarder/Animator/Character Designer) –
AdamX (Storyboarder/Animator) –
Hexrin (Storyboarder/Animator) –
Hannah (Storyboarder) –
PartyDave (Storyboarder) –

DavidToons (Animator) –
Lupa (Animator) –
DotDotDotty (Animator) –
Kai (Animator) –
Delaney (Animator) –
Fliglaba (Animator) –
Collin (Animator) –
Michazike (Animator) –
Doot (Animator) –
MissRiah (Animator) –
RickToons (Animator) –

NuNu91011 (BG Artist/Thumbnail Artist) –
Becky (BG Artist) –
Summer-Lynx (BG Artist) –
Toiame (BG Artist) –
Rynthie (BG Artist) –

VStar (Audio Engineer) –
Caleb Winters (Sound Designer/Composer) –
Zade (Sponsorship Editor) –

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31 Responses

  1. TheAMaazing says:

    CuriosityStream and Nebula are even having a holiday sale, so it’s even CHEAPER right now with 42% off until January 2nd!!! Make sure to claim this quick so that you can watch the video versions of Maafia 1 and 2 🙂 Enjoy!!

  2. Kaeral says:

    Having James pop up for half a second before immediately being eliminated was hilarious.

  3. Great Sage Alexander says:

    Andy is just the most sympathetic character in this series. 😭😭😭

  4. Darien B says:

    Man, I love how innocent Andy was for the whole game. He’s just a little guy! Also side note, The way Maaz describes stuff in this is pretty fun. Kinda wanna see what he would be like as a DM!

  5. MayaOwO says:

    Andy saying “blood for the blood god” just made my day

  6. Larva Rewind TV says:

    Unironically the best story this century. You’ve gone so beyond Minecraft and created your own art medium in of itself. Keep up the great work.

  7. 💜Not_Kaitlyn💜 says:

    3 people getting obliterated in 1 round was a legendary move.

  8. Cami Fera [MANGO] says:

    I love how all the side comments, quips, and bursts of laughter are included in the animation, it makes the video 10x more fun :DD

    Its also neat to see Andy’s more involved in this round,

  9. A J says:

    I hope Alex finally gets her revenge in future rounds 😢. She’s always “sus” as Maafia especially when she’s not 💀😂

  10. Stella V says:

    Can we appreciate how much time and effort this must have taken I love these sm

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