I Asked Her To Be My Valentine *FOR REAL THIS TIME*

I Asked Her To Be My Valentine *FOR REAL THIS TIME*

The Saddest thing i’ve ever had to do to Allie… MUST WATCH 👉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVflvyHSKgk This video took a turn I didn’t expect… through a lot a ups and downs, we end up here 🙂 and we can only hope the story gets better! Cross your fingers, press that subscribe button and let’s find out together!

I love you guys!

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35 Responses

  1. Jasmine says:

    It feels like this is the transition point doesn’t it, Austin is such a gentleman and always lifts Allie, not just in front of her, but also behind her back. But it just goes to show how full of class he is. The chivalry, asking her dad for permission(so classy), his protection of Allie (super chivalrous and classy too), & how he let’s her have her way with things when she’s with him, yet so watchful and aware of how delicate she really is. He deserves happiness, and we all know… that’s A.K.A Allie🥰Tread in god’s path Auslie!

  2. Goodyear Deb says:

    I can now officially say this is the best vlog you’ve EVER posted!! 🥰🥰🥰

    I loved all of the true feelings that came through, the thought you put into choosing all of the goodies, the music box, and your feelings when you had to turn her down. Ok, let’s be real, I loved it all!

    So happy to continue to watch y’all’s relationship as it develops. You owe us nothing but I appreciate getting to be a part of your journey. Stay true to who you are and continue to follow God’s plan.

    Have an amazing day!


  3. Silver lining says:

    When you think you can’t love Austin anymore. Austin’s definitely an old soul and a real gentleman. I will say it again, his parents did such an amazing job. This is the kind of man you dream of for your daughter. There are men twice Austin’s age that could learn something from him. There is no better girl for you than Allie. She is so beautiful inside and out. I wish y’all all the happiness. 👏👏❤️😍

  4. Tdotindiemusic says:

    I’m fully in love with their love. To watch such a pure, innocent, and wholesome evolution doesn’t seem real. Like it’s out of a movie. So, the fact that it’s real is that much more inspiring. ♥️🙏🏼

  5. Sunitha Girish says:

    I’m tearing up😭. This was so very sweet 💘! Austin’s thoughtfulness is incredible. Each gift was so amazing 👏 Allie s response was so sweet and you could tell she was feeling shy. 💕 what a beautiful love story. So tender, cute and wholesome 🥰. Easily my favorite vlog of all time just because Austin asked Lance for permission and then he asked Allie to be his real valentine. ❤️

  6. Taj says:

    I just finished watching and I’m literally crying, can’t wait to see what God has planned for these two ❤️

  7. Linda Lara says:

    That music box 🫶🏽🅰️❤️🦋…..Austin is so thoughtful and considerate and I know he truly made Allie feel so special, seen, and valued! I just love love love them!

    • Fran MeunIer says:

      Such a sweet vlog, that music box was so thoughtful and the fact that he added a better music box to that heart was amazing! The exploding house was probably exactly how Austin felt when she asked him. He was not expecting that! What a turn of events! 😮😂🥰💝

    • Silver lining says:

      I know. You have people married for years and don’t know their wives, as well as Austin, knows Allie. Austin has set the bar high.

    • Goodyear Deb says:

      Yes! The music box was perfect. And I loved that he wrapped the roses in paper and she commented on it right away.

  8. Graceann Smith says:

    Austin’s reaction to Allie kissing him was the best reaction ever! It was like a little child getting candy😭💕

  9. Arianne Singer says:

    I love how everything you do for Allie is very thoughtful and intentional. I also love how you are considering this to be one of many with her. Asking Lance was amazing too! ❤️🅰️🦋❤️

  10. Taj says:

    U can see the love in Austin’s eyes when he looks at Allie ❤️

    • Christi Heitz-Haynes says:

      I know right. She’s so lucky and he is so lucky.

    • Joseph Alvarez says:

      I honestly think it’s just for views. It’s entertaining, sure, but this kind of thing has been going on for a while. The fans started shipping Austin and Allie, so they respond with things like “ASKING MY CRUSH TO BE MY VALENTINE!!!!”

    • Ofelia Flores says:

      You have to have loved or be in love to see it in someone else.

    • Karyn Wise says:

      @William it’s an extreme feeling that radiates from the heart through your eyes. If you ever truly feel it and open yourself to it will be seen in your eyes, smile, nervous energy and every thing you do

    • Taj says:

      @Emma Field exactly

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