I Drove to Every Margaritaville in the USA

I Drove to Every Margaritaville in the USA

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@EddyBurback and I embarked once again on the trip of a lifetime, to every Margaritaville in the United States in Canada. The tale of a glorious road trip across the country.

Thanks to everyone who had fun with us on this trip!

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33 Responses

  1. NakeyJakey says:

    Ted pushed me into a locker when I said I liked this video and screamed “YOURE SUPPOSED TO LOVE IT” with his Joe Swanson ass voice so now I love it 😅❤

  2. Kd says:

    I love how Schlatt still had proper trigger discipline while holding his gun despite his clear emanating rage towards them

  3. Maria Sharapova says:

    I know Eddy said this was the last one… but I just want this to be a never-ending series. Every Hard Rock Cafe in the U.S. and Canada. Every Medieval Times. Every Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. Every Planet Hollywood… the options are really endless guys.

  4. DVDRWDISC says:

    You and Eddie do such a good job of making both videos interesting to watch. There’s a clean feeling of the videos crossing over without stealing eachother’s story beats

    • Randompersonnumber3 says:

      Right? It’s the same story from two very different voices and the contrast makes them both so enjoyable

  5. michellechair says:

    honestly, this could be its own feature length movie. ted is too good at film making 😭😭

    • Stephen Long says:

      Someone needs to make a super cut of both perspectives.

    • OfficialMilkMan says:

      ​@Stephen Longthink I saw that someone did that for rainforest Cafe so I’m sure someone will for this one. Maybe the same person.

  6. myglasseskeepslipping says:

    I love that Eddy’s comment section is “you didn’t have to do this to yourself again man, but thanks for the video” and Ted’s comment section is “hey you should go to all of these locations of a place next year!”

  7. jackon says:

    Ted, maybe the only way to solve your Buc-ee’s problem is to visit every single one across the US?

  8. WeirdowithWifi says:

    How does this have more character, setup and emotion than most movies and shows! WHAT THE HECK TED AND EDDIE STOP BEING SO GOOD

  9. RyanKaufman says:

    Jimmy Buffet is already a cosmic entity, but him being The Minotaur in an impossible, overwhelming Margaritaville is bizarrely fitting

  10. A Pen Salesman says:

    I was concerned for their health for a moment, thinking there’d be a build up to a new chain at the end of the video. But for now…Eddy’s safe from Ted 😂

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